Heading to E3


So I am heading to E3 to have loads of meeting there… mainly of coz with Capcom.

Therefore, I will be gone till the beginning of next week and will not be able to answer any questions in the mean time.

Hopefully, I will bring back some interesting news!!



I wish I was going to E3. So jealous…

Yeah, any Capcom News would be cool. I want to know more about Capcom Fighting Evolution myself.


You get to go to E3!?
Employ me:D


I wanna go to. :smiley:


You mean Capcom Fighting Jam? CVS2 (and older) sprites, 3D backgrounds.

Same old, same old.


Ah, so it’s not CFAS. Thanks!


i bet ur going e3 but ur not coming to england are you?..ARE YOU


Ah quit complaining they ain’t rich (I think), Los Angeles is closer to Canada than England LOL.


sounds like a very important meeting alrighty. cant wait for the interesting news alright.:eek:

E3 is the place i wanna be at too cause i use to thought tokyo game show was better, but compare to E3, its nothing. Hoping to be able to go next year and see all the greatest producer, directors, celebrities ever:cool:


I tried to find you there on Friday but everyone at both Capcom booths was female plus in retrospect, it was probably a bad idea trying to find you without having any idea what you look like. Maybe next time.


I was only there Wed & Thursday. Flew out Friday morning…


It’s cool. I just wanted to say sup in person. No big deal : )


I’ll be watching MTV’s Sucker Free Sunday from the E3 show this week and looking for ya! Ah, who am I kidding. The entire show on MTV will most likely be about MGS3 and RE4. 2D Games get no love…