Heading to my first AE tourny today!

Well now… AE gouken is here and I have to say im liking him for the most part. As of right now from playing. Vanilla Super and AE gouken AE gouken is the best gouken.

New palm had me worried but im starting to really like it. Ive been doing many things with it such as.

  1. Stoping Focus dashers who like to dash in on my hadou’s
  2. Playing a high low mixup game since palm links from short and jab
  3. frame traps after standing Mp to blow up crouch techs
    4)blowing up focus spamers in general.
    5)Wiffing to build meter.
    6)meaty armor break and usage as a fake palm

Im triyng to find more uses for it but for the most part im liking it. Even still my favorite change has to be frame advantage on close mp for sure. Frame traps, links, It just bring goods to the table and im loving it. I was worried that Standing Mp Crouching HP and HK would be hard links but they are pretty easy :slight_smile: Lets not get starting on Standing MP crouching Jab. SOOOO much easier now!!!

Tastu locking in is wonderful!!! sigh I can go on and on with this and you guys already know about his changes. Anyway Im going all out at this tourny today. wish me luck :slight_smile:

I am however sad about stupid nerfs like Kongo damage nerf. >_> 150 for ALL of them!! BS!! I could care less about backthrow nerf. At least it shuts my freinds up a little bit lol.

so ugh, how did you do

Sorry I made a LONG LONG post about what happend a few days ago and SRK crashed and my post was deleted. I have to work up the energy to post it again lol. That really pissed me off…

going to my first ae tourney with gouken on june 16th so i was looking forward to learning from your experiences and stuff

piece of advice RELEARN THE MAKOTO MATCHUP! Ill post my full experience later. Makoto is a monster lol

I’m curious to learn how Gouken fares with the alleged “top tier” characters in a tournament setting.