Heading to my first local tourny tomorrow in St Louis Aerial Rave 3.0


this is my FIRST local legit tourny so im losing my tourny virginity here lol. Im bringing my gouken of course :slight_smile: Wish me luck.

Now my question to you guys is how should I prepare. help me out here i need it lol.

I feel my game is pretty solid besides Optionselects with gouken. Any key things a gouken player should prepare for in the tourny scene? Im bringing my mp3 player just in case of loud yelling throwing off my game lol. Gosh why do i have to be so new and unexperienced.

So pretty much any advice you guys want to throw at me feel free. Thanks in advance.

Oh and TAKENFLIGHT Sorry for ignoring all your invites. Im usually playing some of my other freinds or playing other games. Oh and I hate being in rooms FULL of people. I hate waiting in the back of the line. Next time u send me one ill try and get in im not trying to be an asshole sorry.

I would suggest the following:

  1. Play attention at the game the whole time. Even in the character select screen. See what Ultra they pick and mentally prepare. Some particular character, like Adon, Makoto, Gen, Ibuki, etc etc. Their play style changes hugely against Gouken depends on which ultra they uses. Don’t get caught off guard. Knows what their ultra does and how to punish them

  2. Mentally prepare yourself and make a plan on what you think you should do in the loading screen. Obviously, be reactionary is good, but a general plan of. “Try keep him as close to the corner as possible”. “Make sure to punish his jump in” etc, once you figured out their playing style. Are great.

  3. Test your joysticks properly, make sure you bring the right one. Etc.

  4. Fight your heart out. Keep yourself calm. No matter how far you are behind, never give up and throw the game. Sportsmanship are important.

  5. Go for first place finish. Humble is good, but there are no point entering if you don’t think you have a chance at all, not because it is a waste of time, more because you already mentally prepared to lose.

Last but not least. Don’t counter pick unless you are feeling completely off. Put your thrust in Gouken!

Expect a lot of people to be taken off gaurd by certain things, a lot of people don’t fully understand what Gouken’s basics are. Utilize this, but don’t abuse it. (I.E. people are really scared of backthrow, so foward throw or low counter to beat o/s techs)

When listening to your music, make sure its songs that would keep you motivated through difficult things, HW, sports practice, w/e.

Make sure your actual tournament or pool organizer knows who and where you are.

Don’t let emotional stress cloud your game, that forces desperation. Goukens not god-like at making comebacks, especially if you use ultra 2, you may score a back throw once or twice, Ultra 1 that shit down.

Finally, don’t stress too hard, and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t do as well as you plan to. Go play casuals and learn what the games all about.

Hey I’ll see you there. It is the first time I’ve been to Ogre’s. Should be a good tournament. Not my first rodeo, but I’m also not that good, so you may easily be the best Gouken there :wink:

There are some good people in St. Louis so I hope you have a good time!

Ok back from my first local tourny. heres how it when

First match… Gouken vs Honda. My spacing was letting him jump in too much. I was trying to zone at the wrong distance therefore eat headbuts when throwing air hadous. I was eating too many of his pokes and he put fear in me with those fast ass headbuts. He was smart and i was not really smart with that match up. I never fight honda and really did not know what to do. However I feel I learned from this. I need to learn to lame it out. zone with projectiles at the right distance and keep honda out the right way. Pressure the hell out of him when he has no meter. I knew about hondas reversal ex headbut but For some reason I though he has something else so I was not demon flip pressureing like I should have.

Anyway I need to work on that matchup its in my favor lol. That match sent me to losers.

In losers I fight quite possibly the worst ryu i have ever played. Prob even worse then what your thinking. wake up Dps just played horrible and was 100% free. Good games though I guess.

Second losers match I played an ibuki. Didnt really use any of her tools and techniques. No Super jump cancels, No frame traps no vortex although I was not letting her get any untech knockdowns. Anyway I played smart and won.

Now my last losers match. Gouken vs Blanka … yes … blanka. Hard match!!! Jab electric shock block strings roll stop grab roll stop hit confirm roll stop bullshit lol. I tried my best ot make my gaurd solid and I know blnkas love to slide under projectiles. I tried to bait him to do that but he was not falling for it. I watched my spacing along with his meter to c if he has ex ball for my projectiles. I managed to Reaction ultra 1 one of his Blanka rolls and that won me one of that the matchs best 2 out of 3. I DID NOT KNOW BLANKAS BOUNCE ROLL EX WAS ARMOR BREAK. I know the regular one is not and I focus is all the time to avoid being crossed up lol.

It came down to him closing in on me and getting untech knockdown on me and blanka playing his wakeup game on me and me guess wrong. At one time he got in my face and did that move where he puts his body flat on the ground. That mind fucked me and i didnt know what to do lol. I should have punished him but I froze up. Anyway it was close but i got sent home by a blanka. I have much room for improvement.

My spacing my option selects needs to improve. When your fighting blanka you WILL be working harder its a bad matchup still i lost because of me . I need to improve my game.

Time to hit up the matchup thread and learn how to fight honda and blanka better heh. Also option selects with gouken.

I would like to add something to the gouken vs blanka. I was trying to punish blocked blanka rolls with palms. Now I thought you could do this is med palm. light palm is too short fierce palm is too long. it only worked once. Do you guys have problems doing this?

reversal lp. palm works midscreen if you block while standing

^ that and backstep rolling doesn’t break. It was probably a reversal.
but dude 2-2 isn’t terrible at all for your first tournament.

Well the 2 that i won were pretty free so I feel nothing of those wins. Anyway reversal?!?. Interesting… I tell you what My next tourny im bringing a camera im recording my matchs and I will post them up. Oh and I just figured out who you are lol. Ive watched some of your vids of you playing on youtube and even that episode of cross counter. Congrats man for the props by mike ross and I remember watching you take out a sagat your zoning was on point. I had herd of shine but not you and Calm warner.

Anyway Thanks for your input Thank you all :slight_smile:

Yea i just figured this out in the matchup thread and tested it out many times in training mode. It works and it work well for me. I will apply it to my blanka matchup data.

you will be aright man i remember the first time i went to my first locals tournament it was sooo fun i got like 5th but i was better than almost erybody there it was fun just relax and have a good time ur not like there to win only and leave just get to know erybody get tips from who u can and make friends…the people i went to locals with the first time im reallly good friends with now and we go to tournaments all the time and have locals every saturday night

Well I didnt really make any friends, (Im not too out going lol) But I did talk to some people and overall it was a learning experience.


Well fellow gouken players here i go again. the next aerial rave is this saturday and im going all out. Ill report my experiences again. Wish me luck!

LoL quoting myself… Anyway… that Aerial rave I could not attend due to car problems but anyway Today im off to this tourny GO FOR BROKE 1 - SSFIV/Tekken 6/Power Stone 2 Tournament! | Facebook

Well lets c what i can learn and do! Its been a while since my last/ first tourny.