Headphone recommendations


My shitty iPod earbuds aren’t cutting it anymore, can anyone point me in the direction of a good replacement? I’m not really looking to spend more than about 60 bucks unless they are damn good.


etymotic research er6i. ebay them. don’t waste time with the low quaility walmart crap everybody uses.


Shure, Etymotic, and Sennheiser. Look at those brands and you can’t go wrong for the most part. Mr. Newbie’s reccomendation is solid.

Also, not to belittle SRK, but check out www.head-fi.org forums. They tier portable audio gadgets like we tier fighting games.


If you got cash to splash get either of these: http://www.bose.co.uk/GB/en/home-entertainment/personal-audio/headphones/acoustic-noise-cancelling-headphones/index.jsp






Bose are complete crap dude. Sehnnheiser HD 555s or 595s. You can get a pair of 555s for 100 bucks and they are the best open aired headphones you can buy for that price if you’re looking for any better just go with a more expensive brand of Sehnnheiser. If you’re looking for something that’s just “alright” I’d suggest the Skullcandy SK Pro or the Skullcandy Ti.


What this thread says.


the bose over-ear headphones aren’t terrible for going places, bus, subway, etc. (although a tad overpriced) they have pretty decent quality and even if you have them blastin people can’t really hear the music unless you take them off. plus, they are realllly comfortable.

for your price range i would recommend the sony in-ear buds

they have great quality compared to most buds and plenty of bass. i would recommend using the smallest size (it comes with three sizes) so you can get them comfortably inside your ear.

personally i’m lookin to pick up a pair of akg k 701s. don’t really care for sennheiser.


As others have mentioned, stear clear of Bose. They aren’t bad, but for the price, they are. They aren’t as good as the other three brands I mentioned anyway.

Those Sony’s that tsukihimeblood mentioned are pretty decent. Their previous model, which is now discontinued, was much better though. That’s why I’d get Sennheiser instead.


IMO bose has the best bass, especially in ear buds. true the price is a tad high and there isn’t any noise canceling but if you like to hear the bass in songs they are unmatched


these ones? i was able to pick em up at compUSA when they had their huge closing sale here for 15 bucks (when they closed like half of all the compUSA’s)

there wasn’t much difference audio-wise but the earlier ones were more durable IMO.


wait do you prefer earbuds or big DJ syle headphones (yes)


big ol’ headphones. as long as they aren’t too heavy or uncomfortable. buds are nice for exercise but when i want to just sit down and listen to some music gotta go with the big cans.

:rock::rock: http://www.audiohigh.com/catalog/images/akg701.jpg :rock::rock:

lord help me if i could find a pair of these: http://www.headphone.com/guide/by-manufacturer/akg/akg-k-1000.php

edit: heh, not directed towards me but i’ll answer anyways dammit!


What are some good earbuds? I don’t want the in-ear ones (you have to shove them in your ear). Right now I’m using the ones that came with my 30GB Zune.


Thanks for the help guys. :tup:



/hate hate hate

I wanna try a pair of Sennheisers but I’ve got two pairs of Shure E2cs that I love. Over-ear sets are awesome when you don’t mind carrying hella stuff; but I like the obvious (lack of) size/shape of in-ear buds. Wind it up and pocket it. The end.


depends, you looking for buds, supraaural or circumaural? Its really a matter of preference



Icemat Siberia headphones are awesome, but it’s more of a preference thing. They feel like love, have great upper and under tones, and have 7.1 capabilities even if your sound card doesn’t support it (it comes with its own, which can disconnect so you can use it with an iPod), and it makes you look gosu. I use a Razer Barracuda, which is almost double the price, and unless you buy the $150 sound card for the barracuda, the sound quality on the Siberia beats it flat out. Watch the DotA song music video on youtube if you wanna see what they look like.


same here.