Heads up! Fry's on Sale, TEs 99.99$


In before the sale ends. =D

If there is already a thread on this, my apologies.

looks like it’s only available as an in-store pick up, so if you live near a Fry’s you’re lucky.

wow lucky peeps :confused: Too bad there’s no such discounts in Canada -.-

Anyone find any round 2 TE sticks at Frys?

I heard somebody picked up one from EB games. Could be bologna.

EDIT: There up on the Gamestop site here’s link : http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=73046

Thank You so much for posting it!

I missed out on the other $99 sale, but now I can get one!

The Fry’s where its available its only around a 35-40 min drive, pretty sweet, and Super Arcade, Vid94, Arcade Infinity is on the way, so my drive won’t be wasted afterward :bgrin:

I got the last one in San Diego last night! I had to drive from Chula Vista up to San Marcos to get it…the girl working there was really cool…gave it to me for $89 after I mentioned how far I drove and how I had such a hard time ordering it online for in store pick up. score!

Now I’m browsing the forum looking for a nice template and part #'s for a bat top

God, I hate not having a Fry’s anywhere around. I was in San Fran a couple of years back, drove right by Fry’s at midnight, told myself I had to get back there, but never was able to.

i am heading up to get mine now butfyi the grl on the phone that 100 is the new regular price… Must mean the round 2’s are coming…
looks like the round 2’s are up and shipping according to gamestop site

Looks like I know where I am going for lunch.

Guess my lunch break will be at FRYS! Awesome deal again!

still $75 too much for a crappy madcatz product

I like my TE.

BTW, I posted a thread about it but the Round 2 TE’s are available on the Gamestop’s website. I imagine these are probably hitting stores soon too.

My local gamestops don’t have ANY sticks whatsoever.

I do hate those stores. >=(

Went to my Fry’s they had none.

pretty sure i picked up the last one in phoenix, cost 94.95.

good find…

I have a TE and a dualied SE and I think people should be making a bigger deal about the HRAP. Take a look at their pcb’s and wiring and you wont think twice about the choice again.

I was vacillating between a cheaper HRAP3 to mod later and a 360 TE, but now there’s no reason NOT to go with a TE anyway. Thanks for the heads up! ;D

Yeah man I was going to get the HRAP3 SA but this came up. Looks like I’m getting both =D