Heads up! Fry's on Sale, TEs 99.99$

gaaah i just saw this thread! hopefully the frys near me still has some available…

In case anybody’s curious, this sale is still live, as I picked one up this afternoon in Roseville.

Fry’s gotta expand to the east coast. BB sux balls here. Anyway, I just bought a TE for 96 bucks on ebay so I don’t feel bad about this deal.

Canadians can use NCIX. They sell them for $129.99 CAD.

^ Excellent link! Thanks for sharing. It’s just too bad that not even NCIX has the Round 2s out for sale yet. Still, $129.99 is a steal!

Sorry for the thread hijacking but…

Don’t expect them to start carrying the Round 2s. I think they just got on the TE bandwagon because they ran dry quick in their initial run. Of course, I’m not sure. Just a prediction.

Also, right now, those links have Canadian shipping from $4.99. Also, because NCIX is based in British Columbia, tax is only 5%, which is a million times better than anywhere else in Canada.

No shipping options on the TEs at the moment? It would be great to get a TE for less than $147. (In case you’re wondering, 15% sales tax + “europeans are richer” tax)

Come to think of it, are there any US stockists of the TE that ship to the UK?