Heads up on old dc stick


about a few months back, my friend had this stick and it went bad. The way the buttons activate is by moving prongs down to a mother board underneath the buttons. Which is flawed a little. My friend told me that he had stick for yearsss so when I took a look @ it, the point where the prongs met the mobo were tabs off the pcb and over time, those tabs bent because of the pressure i’m guessing. I bent them back in a little w\o trying to crack those tabs buy one day the mobo had enough bending and just barely broke off.

anyway, you can take a dreamcast agetec pcb and wire up while using the #2 pin as the 5v source. Psx pcb’s also work but you’d need a converter to play on dc but w\e your preference is. Don’t throw these sticks away if you have them. The actual joystick itself is extemely dureable. I’ve only really been able to be around 1 of these sticks and in that time, i’ve never seen it fuck up and my friend has had it for much longer than that. Its gotta be like 6 yrs old and for @ least 4 of those years, its been mostly used for marvel.

when you break off the original pcb in the ascii stick. You can mount the agetec pcb in the bottom left corner with 1 screw so the pcb isn’t in the way or boucning around mid air.