Headset cutting out on XBL


Hello, I think this is a new thread, I didn’t see anything searching on this same topic, let me know if I missed the appropriate place to post.

Anyway, whenever I play on Xbox live, with my headset, the sound seems to cut out quite often. I’ll be talking to someone and frequently have to ask them to repeat themselves. I’m using the cheap basic headset that came with my 360, I tried replacing it with a different one of the same, and that has the same problem. Sometimes it feels like the position of the cord makes a difference, sometimes not.
My question is, before I go out and buy some expensive headset to try and remedy this, is there any way to determine that the actual issue isn’t my network as opposed to my headset?


The official 360 mics suck. No bout adoubt it. I finally picked up a different brand, and was able to actually hear the people I was talking to, and they were able to hear me. So while I can’t speak for your network, I would go for a different mic. I was able to find a different brand, covers both ears, noise cancellation and everything for $20. So you won’t be spending any more than an official mic would be.