Headset for my arcade stick

I have a Qanba Q4 and It came with a headset but I already have a headset that didn’t work with it so I waited for my headset to partly break down which it did (right side not working) and I want one that I can also listen to my game with but I don’t know what type of headset will work with my stick. Should I buy a PS3 headset or what?

Are you using the Xbox 360 head set port on the Qanba 4 with the PS3 console?

I use a Xbox 360 console

Then why did you bring up PS3 head sets in your original post?

Because I don’t know what works with my arcade stick.

Im a little confused here, but assuming you are playing on xbox 360 and your qanba is for 360, then check the stick to see if it has a port for you to plug a headset into it. If it does, any xbox 360 headset will work, if it doesnt have the port, then you would need a wireless xbox 360 headset.

It’s for Xbox 360 and PS3 but my headset doesn’t work.

Id say it would be best to just get a wireless headset then so you can just take the fightstick out of the equation. Hook it up to the console and use whatever controller you want

Doesn’t wireless headsets effect wireless internet? Because I’m using wireless internet.

No, they headset should be operating at a different frequency than your Wifi.

Your turtle beach universal headset takes a but of set up to work. You also have to look at the control box of the head set and pay attention what port are you using.
There should be a dedicated audio port for Xbox headset use, I assume you have the 2.5mm Straight Talkback Cable for your head set.
Also double check all your volume knobs and switches.

I’ll just but a wireless headset, thanks.

Also I used turtle beach before and know how all the wires work and what they do.

Actually I searched it up and apparently the Qanba Q4 has a 2.5 mm plug so I’ll find a headset with that size.

Thats any wired Xbox 360 head set, your turtle beach does that

It is 3.5, if you look at parts it’ll say it even.

There is a 2.5 cable for it. I had a similar model

Turtle beach sells both 2.5 cable and 3.5. I’m buying a turtle beach that’s 2.5.