Headset not working with HRAP EX

I bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro for my 360 about a year ago, and have been so pleased with it that I recently bought a second one for playing with friends. I did some basic modifications to both joysticks (replaced the square gate with an octagonal one and replaced the Hori buttons with Sanwas).

Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the newer stick has a problem: when I am playing online with a headset, the “speaker” icon appears constantly next to my name, even when my microphone is muted. When using the older stick, the icon appears only when I’m actually speaking, which appears to be the correct behavior. After some experimenting, I believe that the other players hear a low, pulsating, static-like noise coming from me. It’s kind of low, and they can hear me pretty well over the noise when I speak, but I imagine it’s still pretty annoying and have received some complaints saying exactly that.

To be practical, I don’t think there’s any reason I’d need two sticks with working headsets; I could just use the original one for online play. But still, I paid over a hundred bucks for the thing, so I think it’s reasonable the expect it not to have this kind of flaw.

I’m planning to return it to Amazon as defective, but I guess that means I’ll have to replace all of the original parts, which would be a bit of a pain. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of problem, and maybe knows of a simple solution?


Oh, and just for the record, I tested the stick out before modding it to avoid having to go through this in case the stick had any problems, but I didn’t think to check the headset. You can bet I’ll do so with the new one if I exchange it, of course.

I’d assume you have a problem with insulation with the headset port. The patch points are either misaligned or poorly made. Try gently pulling the headset jack from the port slowly and see if there’s a “sweet spot” where the headset works without any issues.

I’d return the joystick, though. Like you said, you paid over 100 bucks. Thing should work out of the box, right away.

i have the same problem! are you using the original model headset, or the new model that works with the chatpad?

I don’t have that problem with my EX-SE but I do have a problem that my mic activates everytime I tap/mash the buttons loud. I don’t know if the other guys hear my buttons but they do activate my mic.

I have the EX-SE too and hear people tell me the same thing. what kind of headset are you using?

I’ve tried pulling the headset jack out partway, wiggling it a bit, etc., but that had no effect. If the headset works at all, the speaker icon appears constantly.

I’m pretty sure my headset is the newer model. The part that plugs into the controller looks like a standard headset jack, and the volume control/mute switch is in the middle of the cord. That’s the newer model, right? Since the very same headset works fine with all my other controllers, including my other HRAP EX, I’m assuming the problem is with the controller and not the headset.

I’m using the modern warfare 2 neck mic. I use Sennheiser headphones separately.

I’ve now plugged in my mic and now the mic icon stays activated the whole time. Not sure if people can hear me at all, this sucks.

How long ago did you buy it? Can you still return it? I’m going to put the original buttons and square gate back in mine and send it back to Amazon for an exchange. I’ll be sure to test the new one out more thoroughly before modding it.

I would return it but I took out the LS-32 in it and replaced it with a JLF. In the process I cut the wires and put quick disconnects on them and I scratched the top a bit. Doubt they would take it back as I have probably voided the warranty.

Its not a big deal though I don’t like using my mic in fighting games anyways.