Headset port is busted on my SE stick

I’ve had my stick for a couple of months but I never tried to use the headset port until recently. Upon trying to use it I found it didn’t pick up my mic at all. After some further investigation, I’ve determined it’s not the headset adapter because the adapter works fine when plugged into a 360 controller. I cracked open the stick to take a look at the soldering on the headset PCB and while I only have a little experience with soldering, it all looks good to me. What I think is the issue is the jack itself, because when I plug a headset into the port, it’s detected briefly. It seems dependent on how far the jack is plugged into the port.

So basically what I’m looking for is if anyone can point me in the direction of a place where I could either get the whole assembly salvaged from another fight stick (IE jack, pcb, cables and PCB connector) or at least where I could get a replacement jack because it doesn’t look like it’d be too hard to get the broken jack off and solder in a new one.


Anyone? I recently a TE stick with the plan of pawning off my SE stick with sanwa parts, but the headphone jack on this thing is busted too and I don’t want to put up with the BS of waiting 4-6 weeks and paying shipping to get MadCatz to send me another one that will probably be broken too.

Maybe buying a wireless headset is your easiest option?

I have one that I just pulled from an SE. The port with PCB and new adapter.