Healing Field question?

With phoenix’s new health can anyone test out or let me know like if phoenix was taking damage all the time while healing field was active at all times, how much health damage would she have in the game since it heals her red health really fast.

I also feel like alot of phoenix players that i’ve seen don’t use healing field alot whether it be in combination w/ xfactor as dark phoenix or w/ regular phoenix with less than 4 bars of hyper bar. I feel w/ the range of healing and how quickly phoenix gains red health that it is a versatile super.

The mechanics of red health in general would always limit Healing Field’s potential to (very nearly) double the health that you start with if used to its very best. Increasing 375k to somewhere below 750k isn’t really worth much to me when that figure is still 0-deathable and the relative cost of Healing Field being more expensive with the meter gain nerf. Healing Field itself was also indirectly nerfed by Phoenix’s health reduction in general, as its restorative ability is only as good as doubling the amount of base health you had to begin with.

That said, I will use it in Dark Phoenix mode if I feel like I have a long road ahead of me and I don’t think I’d need to conserve meter for Phoenix Rage counterattacks, or actually am in need of it to counter her health drain. In normal Phoenix mode, I’d be hard pressed to use this to save myself over the flat out invulnerable startup of Phoenix Rage.

yeah that’s true but for regular phoenix i’m just saying lets say your in that position where you lost your 2 characters and only have less than 4 bars and your opponent has 2 other characters left. I think it would be wise to activate healing field with xfactor. Because you will still build meter w/ healing field on and w/ the xfactor speed boost it will help to get in. And yeah for Dark Phoenix i usually always have healing field on while saving xfactor for later.

Healing Field will at least halve the damage of everything but the final blow. it may even halve that, I’m not sure if the game still assigns red health on a hit that would kill. So just under 750k would be a good estimation. This is down from just under 840k of course.

always depends on the situation… if you are on a rampage, save your meter for dark phoenix. if youre taking some hits, try to incorporate healing field into your game plan. using healing field as normal phoenix is a very underrated move. if you heal safely with it, (im not 100% familiar with the red health system, so i cant give you any numbers) you can pretty much go back to “starting HP” or almost there, as phoenix takes so much %damage, a lot of it is red health in just a couple hits. you can essentially reverse almost all the damage done to her. (of course one more hit will take another chunk of that away, but its easy to dodge and lock down with phoenix.) even if you get hit, after activating it, it can greatly improve your chances of survival. this depends on your opponents character, though, as high damaging ranged hits will still kill her like healing field isnt even there.

if you go for using healing field as regular phoenix, in most cases youll want to use phoenix rage, too. might as well use the meter. regular phoenix can do some scary damage if you burn the meter.

For some reason, I have the impression that you keep more red life in UMvC3 than you did in MvC3, dunno if it’s just a wrong impression because of the new hud, but some of my friends also thought that…

that said, if this is true, then Healing field should be better than before, right?

anyone else has the same impression as me?