Health Regeneration


I like how Elena from Street Fighter 3/4 and Jason from Mortal Kombat X can regenerate their health.

Are there any other characters in fighting games that are capable of healing?


Athena’s striker move in KoF2000 could do this as well.


Yoshimitsu in Tekken can regenerate health in his meditation stance


Health Regeneration is part of the Vampire Saviour system.


That’s different though as you regain health in VSav by staying out of hit/blockstun to reduce white damage. What the OP is talking about is actual moves that regenerate health.


Heidern’s Storm Bringer DM in KOF heals a bit of his health back.

Kensou from KOF as well had a DM where he would eat a Meatbun, and one of it’s effects was healing him.

  • Hakuoro, Sasara and Riannon (AquaPazza) have healing moves, Arawn has a life steal move, Chizuru has passive healing
  • Clarice (Arcana Heart) can activate an aura that can drain HP or super gauge, Plant/Nature arcana has a life steal move and can grant temporary regeneration, Flower/Blossom arcana gives moves for planting, raising plant levels and harvesting plants for HP (among other possible stats), Blood arcana (in AH3LMSSS) gives (if I understood it correctly) regen while the arcana gauge (the game’s super bar) is regenerating
  • Remilia (Touhou Hisoutensoku) has a life steal move, Komachi has a life swap move, one weather effect grants life steal, and another weather effect grants HP regen for whoever attacked the opponent last (if the player that’s regenerating is attacked, the buff goes to the other player)
  • Ragna (BlazBlue) has life steal moves
  • Satsuki and V. Akiha (Melty Blood) have life steal moves (iirc there were more characters with them, forgot which, though)
  • Tatsuya has ressurrection (there are certain conditions for it, those are listed here), one assist (Holo) creates a healing spot (the opponent doesn’t heal from it), another assist (Ryuuji) throws food boxes (the opponent can heal from them):
  • Chon Rei (Real Bout Fatal Fury) and Chon Shu have life steal moves
  • Faust (Guilty Gear) can throw food items (he can throw things randomly, one of them being said food items) and either of the players can heal from them


Jill has a heal assist in MvC2.


Can’t Celica also heal in Blazblue?


Fighter’s Destiny has universal passive and manual health regeneration. Pretty Fighter’s Ai can eat bananas. Servbot drops health crystals in MvC2 (they heal the opponent, but…).


Nakoruru in some games (Neo Geo Battle Colosseum, Capcom vs SNK, maybe some others I can’t think of off the top of my head) has a super that is more or less identical to Elena’s healing super.


Slayer in Guilty Gear has a command grab that steals health.


some more characters:

  • Athena (KoF 2002) has a deadly rave (her HSDM), one of her finishing moves heals her
  • Athena (KoF 99, forgot if she had it in 2000) has a heal assist
  • Saya (NitroPlus Blasterz) has a lifesteal move (one of her finishing moves of her Variable Rush mechanic)
    edit - (assist) Sonico (NitroPlus Blasterz) spawns random powerups where she appears, some of them heals the player, the opponent can pick them up too

iirc there was a team skill that healed the player character in Rival Schools

some games with universal regen mechanics (not listing games with “red hp recovery”, for now):

  • Chaos Code (Exceed Chaos mechanic where you spend all 3 meters and they become a gauge that decreases over time; when used in neutral, it gives a bit more HP upon activation)
  • Garou MotW (heals when doing a Just Defend… iirc the healed amount depends on the damage of the attack; also, the T.O.P. gives HP regen, but it can’t regen beyond the T.O.P. area)
  • NitroPlus Blasterz (has an once-in-a-round burst-like mechanic that regens HP and meter, its duration depends on whether you activated it on neutral, or as a cancel, or when being hit/blocking)

iirc there are some Samurai Shodown games in which you can recover HP by delaying your wakeup; also, in some SamSho games, there are random powerups, some of them increase HP


Yukiko from persona 4 arena can heal herself by pressing two buttons.


Athena in 2006
Ragnas drive attack but very little


Faust in GG can heal both characters with his food items