'Health Warnings' Could Appear On Games


I could have sworn that most of the supposed ‘evidence’ trying to point any real connection between violent video games and aggressive behavior had already been debunked. In either case…forms hands in contemplative manner Please discuss…


that’s a buinch of BS. I’ve been playing video games for a long time & I still can’t rip out someone’s spine or do a SGS.


I would get aggressive when playing videogames if I ever played them for more than an hour straight, but I take that epilepsy warning pretty seriously. Good to know there are gamers out there who are looking out for the community though.


Been playing violent games since I was a kid, quake, half life, to name a few.

Not violent at all, pretty skinny. I think if someone just knocked me over, I’d break all my bones, so I’m not really a threat.

That act is just a bunch of BS. In certain cases, I can see where people do dumb crap they saw in video games, but I dont think video games influence you to be more aggressive or violent in general behavior.


“They have repeatedly failed to live up to this responsibility. Meanwhile research continues to show a proven link between playing violent games and increased aggression in young people. American families deserve to know the truth about these potentially dangerous products.”

God I hate politicians more and more, fucking Democrats… what truth is there in this statement, when there is no scientific evidence that interrelates violent behavior to violent videogames…


A link can be formed between just about any two things you can imagine. Where things get dicey–and where Congressman Douchebag here is (probably knowingly) playing fast and loose with reality–is finding a causal link.

Furthermore: Parental Advisory stickers, movie ratings, ESRB ratings, TV parental guidelines, and even the antiquated Comics Code are all voluntary, self-administered ratings on the part of the industries involved. Sure, many of them came partially as a result of government interest, but the government itself does not administer any of these ratings systems nor have any authority over them.

Congressman Douchebag seems to be trying to get around this by portraying it as a public health issue, similar to alcohol or cigarettes. Not only is this comically stupid, but it would be interesting to see where his activities fall within the shadow of the 1st Amendment.


If they want to do this for games, they may as well do it for movies, music, and any other form of media.


GI had an article about it a few months ago I forgot which issue though it was.

Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Cute. Wonder if they’ll attach that message to movies as well.


Wow, eventually when we buy games, we’ll need an ID, but now we’ll also have to consent to a background check and all that shit.


“Do you have any ID?”
“Sure do, here you go.”
“Well, you’re of age. But did you know that violent videogames are linked to aggressive behaviour?”


This is pretty much as retarded as things can possibly get.