Healthcare: The Tipping Point


This health bill (HR3200) that is being discussed in Congress (or was, up until the recess) is getting lots of people very angry. Less than half of the people surveyed in various polls responded favorably to the legislation, and that number is falling every time.

Town hall meetings held by Representatives have been descended on by the tea party protesters, ensuring the tough questions get asked, least of which is ‘Did you read the damn thing?’. Some Reps aren’t even going to bother with meeting the public. They’re afraid to face their constituents because they know they’ll be angered and outraged. And the people should. The Democrats have fought back, [media=youtube]PtTBkxvBq88]attempting to smear over half the population of the nation as being ‘an unruly mob’. Even Senator Boxer and Speaker Pelosi are [.

Nor is the White House itself immune. Just in the past few days, this statement appeared on its website:

It’s an attempt by the Executive branch to quell dissent, and even [url=]columnists inside the DC Beltway]([/media) are aware of its implications.

Let me put one thing straight here, folks. Had Bush done this, asked for you to snitch on your neighbors to Big Brother, I’d be right beside you giving him absolute hell about it. But since it’s ‘The One’, I’m expecting to hear excuse after excuse after excuse.

So let’s hear what you think. How long do you think an outraged populace will take this kind of attack before it pushes back?


I think you make shitty threads out of already existing threads :confused:

This whole thing is funny.

Let’s not discriminate though, if the banks are allowed to grow big and fail, then why shouldn’t health care?


I think I want to punch Pelosi straight in the fucking esophagus. Actually, now Boxer has made the “I want my throat caved in” list. Both these bitches are so damn arrogant and disconnected it’s just amazing.


Already existing? Please point me to where the smear ad or the snitch line is being discussed.


I don’t know what the fuck is going on to be honest…


Health care as a business is not failing. It will never fail.

This whole thing is to make it more efficient and help the people. Do you think the healthcare gives a danm if you live through heart surgery or not? Currently, it doesn’t because hospitals they aren’t given grades based on performance.

In the meanwhile, the hospitals will get paid.


What if John Walsh asked you to snitch?


There’s a difference. Walsh asks for information regarding criminals.

The White House wants the names of people who only practice their First Amendment rights.


I want Obama to do some [media=youtube]ERlGndQ_xtM#t=0m12s"[/media] on how his plans wont contribute to the deficit and how private health care companies will actually be able to survive if they have to compete with the government’s health care plan. I want some charts and he better have a laser pointer and possibly a white board!


Wasn’t that what the patriot act was for?


It’s just a few people being loud and stupid. This is what’s going to happen. We’re going to push health care reform through. It may have some problems at first but that’s why we have the legislative process, so we can correct our mistakes. The conservatives are going to lie through their teeth about democrats killing old people, putting forward a single payer system, and trying to find the necronomicon to prop up the illuminati.

That ploy will fail. We are going to drag all these ignorant, stupid pieces of shit kicking and screaming into the 21st century and they will THANK US afterward. Just like they did with SOCIAL SECURITY. Just like they did with MEDICARE. (and if you want to dispute this then just TRY to take this shit away from people and see if you don’t get lynched)

What a fucking joke. Health Insurance companies are making absurd profits and guess what? They make that by denying claims. They make that by killing people. But do these knuckle draggers care at all? No. Of course not. They’re too busy being completely belligerent at town hall meetings. What the fuck ever. I already have health insurance, so this doesn’t really affect me as much as it does everyone else. If they want to sit on their hands as people attack health care, or worse than that, actually join in the stupidity then they are more than welcome to do so.

I’m tired of debating credulous people who are so impervious to facts, and I’m tired of seeing people who actually do know better act with such complete apathy and bad faith.

So I’m resolved to say if you’re really that intent on fucking yourselves, then by all means feel free. Here’s the fucking lube. Go nuts.

The current system is unsustainable, but what the hell. It’ll be a fun ride while it lasts.

This link should be posted everywhere:


This is incredibly misleading, especially considering you site no polls. Are you attempting to say the people being polled have read the legislation? There’s no practice older in politics than lying with statistics.

Oh yes, the teabaggers are all about tough questions, such as “Is Obama Hitler?” “Where was Osama Obama really born?” “Why do the dems want to turn America into a socialist country?” along with inciting violence against representatives and asking congressmen why they want to kill their parents. Tough questions indeed.

Or maybe they are afraid because the Glenn Becks and Limbaughs and more fringe right wing elements are whipping a herd of morons into a violent frenzy, with death threats and acts of violence being threatened or perpetrated, whose sole purpose is to derail health care reform?

Oh yeah, “people who are concerned” and just happen to be funded and some even employed by big insurance, mixed in with the racist teabaggers who take their orders from Limbaugh, Beck, and Fox News.

The American people are outraged about being gouged and bankrupt by health insurance costs, by being laid off from their jobs because of health insurance, by being DROPPED from coverage AFTER getting sick, by their coverage ending up not paying for any of their medical bills, and for being unable to get health insurance in the first place because of pre-existing conditions.

Your entire post is some birther teabagger faux news bullshit and you should know a lot better.


Please have my babies. I love you. :lovin:


The alarming thing is Gabe, tools like this believe every word they hear on the conservative blowhard radio/TV shows. The OP is just another ignorant, moronic, minion of the conservative party. Take your head out of your ass and think for yourself for once.


This is the worst example ever. You don’t have to look past the first few articles to see the Examiner is a horribly Conservative biased paper. Just do a search for places where the word liberal shows up and you’ll see liberal is used more often than not with a negative connotation. Then do the same for conservative and you’ll rarely if ever find a bad thing said about conservatives or Republicans. In fact, half the articles are Obama and Democrat bashing.


P. Gorath: A popular alternative to intelligence.

But no, there probably is a majority of Americans opposed to the ludicrous health care bill that’s coming up. And that’s not radical right wing propaganda, that’s fucking CNN. According to their own numbers, the whole fucking thing is dancing right along the 50/50 mark. Which in reality means it’s likely a majority opposed. You can check it out here:

Not that any of this matters. Every fucking member of the American Medical Association, Department of the Treasury, and person with a college education in any affected field agrees that it’s a stupid idea.


From my experiences, most people who are really upset about the idea of health care reform know almost nothing about it and just throw out slogans. Their arguments mostly sound like this: “All I know is this new plan isn’t going to work and my buddy says that it’s socialism. I don’t really know what socialism is, but I know that I’m against it.” I don’t know how folks can get so riled up about things without actually looking up the facts on it (and no, watching Fox News and CNN doesn’t count), but it seems to work.

And I’m still waiting on people to understand the difference between a social service and a socialist government. But I don’t think I should hold my breath on that one.

I’m also wondering if the major news networks can get any less informative. They’ve really been going the extra mile to strip away all the actual content to replace it with the opinions of various news anchors, random soundbites devoid of context, and lots of repetition. It’s kind of impressive how much it’s sunk.


Sorry to go off-tpoic but…Running Uppercut, where/how have you been man?


Of course people in the medical fields aren’t going to like the idea- they’ve been riled up to believe it’s going to make their wallets thinner. If anything, they’re gonna have to trade down from the S-Class to the E-Class until everything smooths out.


Then you need to meet smarter people. I’m very open to viewpoints that are contrary to mine. But when it comes to this health care reform bill, it is idiotic based strictly on the qualitative data. Never fucking mind the long, long list of anecdotes of people who’ve been fucked over by the system from whatever country tried to implement it.

Dennis Kucinich listed off numbers during the Democratic Primary debates back in 2008. I love the guy in a totally platonic way, but he basically perfectly articulated the arguments against it.

They can’t go into any more detail without pulling out numbers and charts. And nothing gets people changing the channel like actual intelligent TV.