Heard Hugo/Ibuki moved up/Is this 2009 3s?

Yun 10
Chun 9.8
Akuma 9.7
Makoto 9.6
Ken 9.5
Urien 9.3
Ibuki 9.1
Q 8.9
Hugo 8.8
Yang 8.6
Dudley 8.5
Oro 8.4
Ryu 8.1
Necro 7.9
Remy 7.5
Alex 7.2
Twelve 7.0
Elena 6.9
Sean 6.6

Is this how it works now?

Q and Hugo that high is retarded come on.

Yang should be higher , behind ken. Having a dive kick and a good command grab plus how easy it is to knockdown opponents to the corner with slashes where his his many offensive options can over whelm the opponent easily.

Elena is way too low. her throw game rivals chun-li’s plus her good normal moves and has reliable hit confirms.

Man Dudley is way too low

Dudley is too low. Q is too high.

Akuma is too low.

Q is fine… Three taunts is a bitch. Also ALEX is too LOW.

Yun/Yang are too low -__-

i dont’ understand how they’re getting these numbers.does anyone know the math?

… fuck those tier list, always got it wrong


S+ Chun, Yun, Makoto
S Ken, Dudley, Akuma
A Yang, Urien, Ryu
B Necro, Hugo, Oro
C Elena, Ibuki, Remy
D Q, Alex, Twelve
E Sean

why does this shit matter.



Though the Japanese sbo booklet says Hugo is like Akuma-tier now. Haha.

Blakuma Hugo is S-Tier

*Reads again.

:wow: What the hell is Alex doing all the way down there?

I’d trade Remy for Alex, and Q for Necro. I’d also make S+ Yun, Makato, Chun

who gives a shit its all in how much time anf effort u put into each character to make them strong fuck gaystar