Heard that mvc2 may come to xboxlive

topic: Just wondering if this was actualy true. Sorry if this has been asked multiple time. I love playing mvc2 the problem though where I live there arent many people who have even heard of the game : /

I don’t know, but it would be pretty sick if it did

the thread discussing this is on the first page. geez how hard is it to search.


Yo wassup guys, I heard SF4 is in the works. Anyone confirm? It’s about time if they did.

Does it have parries?

wait a min? sf4?
am i missin sumptin? r they skipping sf3?
doesnt make sense to make sf2, and then not make a sf3, and skip straight to sf4 o__o

but then again, they skipped sf1, and went straight to sf2 for some reason, so mebe they jus dun like odd numbers