Hearing Ghosts while playing Def Jam

So, I tought this might be a fun story to tell, so i’ll go ahead and tell it.

Back in like 8th or 9th grade, I was home alone one night. I honestly can’t remember where my parents or sister were, but I had set up my gamecube in the basement and I was playing Def Jam fight for new york, not the greatest game, but that’s besides the point. I had just started a new game and was making my character when I heard the door bell ring, and I was a little spooked, but I went to go check it. I paused the game and right when i paused it I heard a series of intense footsteps then they stopped. I was kinda frozen in time, i didn’t run or move but i crept up to the end of the stairwell and I heard them again. So i slowly went to the top and looked from my kitchen into the living room, and saw nothing. I kinda tried to let my adrenaline go down a little and laughed it off. I went back down and unpaused the game. Almost right after unpausing it, i heard them again. I went back upstairs and left the house, haven’t really heard anything like that since and i still live in the house. I was maybe 14 at the time so it’s been about 9 years.

I asked my parents if they had come back home to get something they forgot and they told me no.

They were actually trying to warn you about the shit thread you would make in the future.

Evidentially it hasn’t worked, you should probably go see a priest or something, it’s only going to get worse now you’ve disregarded their warnings and angered them

The first night I ever drank alone, I was playing DJFFNY. I didn’t know it then, but I’d discovered what would become one of my favorite past times: drinking alone in a dark room playing video games.

Cool story bro

Tangentially related as it is about FFNY and literally nobody will give a shit, I’m fairly certain I’m the best FFNY player in the game today.
Six tournaments in the past two or three years or so (one of which was a major with out of state competition), never seen a losers bracket. Hold that shit literally everyone else.

FFNY is a great, stupid game.

Hearing the ghost of niggas passed.

I want a proper sequel to that game more than almost anything else on this planet. Fuck, I had such good fun playing that game.

Would love to see a version with heavy metal musicians…

Oh, let me tell you my ghost story: One time I was all alone in my dark basement, but somehow I was still able to be gay enough to have a dick in my mouth.

The end.

I hope I didn’t scare you guys too much.

One of my favorite gaming memories is killing the better part of a fifth of Jim Beam and playing Third Strike with my old Nubytech SF Anniversary stick. The room was spinning and I was about to vomit but I went on a streak, playing better than I ever have. I couldn’t lose. And the weird thing is I really suck at 3S.

Clearly Big Baby Jesus wanted a money match, but YOU had a door to answer. pft

So is Ghostface Killah in this game

or what?