Hearthstone - That other, other, other Blizzard game


Hearthstone is live! This thread can be used to coordinate playing times, share strategies, and stuff like that.

Hearthstone Battletag list:

Cryoh - Cryoh#1891
PimpWilly - PimpWilly#1325
r00ster22 - NvMe#1211
ETEP1 - SSS#1611
flaw - flaw#1505
kimterran - kimterran#1218
King9999 - King#11782
JuuM - JuuMeijin#1168
Warpticon - Warpticon#1384
RadicalFuzz - GraveTitan#1244
AreEyeSeaKay - areeyeseakay#1362
Sovi3t - Sovi3t#1951
NinetiesArcade - MordicaiRigb#1924

SRK Streamers:

ETEP - twitch.tv/etep1
AreEyeSeaKay - twitch.tv/AreEyeSeaKay


i will be king of dis game when I get in obv


Sorry, but you’ll have to get in line for the throne, since I’m already sitting in it.


Game looks like a lot of fun, I can’t wait till I get to play it.


I say you playing Cryoh, I think you opened a Deathwing : )

I played some matches with kimterran, I was sad his basic warlock deck beat my tweaked rogue deck. grr. lol



yeah f kim and his crap drawing cards deck


That warlock power is really strong, but maybe I just need to play a stall deck to make him draw himself out and die horribly


Actually, that’s how I ended up beating his lock deck with my basic pally deck. He whooped the shit out of my level 1 hunter deck (protip: Don’t play hunter without the basic cards. Having no Kill Command, Hunter Companion, or Multi Shot sucks), so I had to go to something that works. He drew like 12 cards over me, so exhaustion won me the game.

Mind Control: Best late game class card?


Mind control is really good, probably the best card in the game. It causes people to not be able to base their deck around 1 really good end game card. I don’t know if its unbalanced, but it makes priest the best class I think. Maybe it needs some sort of upkeep cost, or a drain on the priest of some sort, or something else.

Also, I don’t feel so bad, I got a Warlock daily quest, so I was doing that, when I realized some of the cards he was running were rares, so he’s not a pure basic warlock deck. Lol. Like soul siphon, for instance, pretty powerful. Had some good games though, won with 2 health vs a Mage, by getting a powerful questing adventurer out and just barely managing to edge a win. Awesome game.


I’m not really sure how to re-balance MC, besides just making the fucker cost 10 mana. Having to play around that PoS on turn 8 is annoying as shit.

Oh yeah, I disenchanted the fuck out of that Deathwing, since that card blows so much dick in constructed.


shoulda waited, in beta they change cards a lot, and if they change a card they make it disenchant for full value, you coulda theoretically gotten any legendary you wanted out of it. Unless you just wanted to craft some rares anyway.

Best cards to craft right away, imo:

Leper Gnome
Harvest Golem
Spell Breaker/Ironbeak Owl
Faerie Dragon

Cheap and really round out your possible decks


I would definitely add Venture Co. Mercenary and Scarlet Crusader to the list. Mad Bomber also scores a potential mention, since he can score a really nice 2 for 1 in the early game. Of course, he could just blast you in the face with all three of his bombs. Loot Hoarder and Acolyte of Pain also do a great job of adding card draw to decks that might be a bit lacking in that department.


Yeah, agreed. Loot hoarder can be good, pretty much a better version of Novice Engineer or at least a sidegrade. Novice engineer can combo with the “return a card to your hand” kind of cards, but loot hoarder as a 2/1 can take out 2 cost drops more reliably, but of course loses out to mages quite handily. Both are solid choices.

Venture Co Mercenary I also like, the 3 more cost for your own minions blows, but really either they A) take out your mercenary right away or b) he lives and controls the game without needing more minions anyway. Really solid for budget decks.

I’m too scared to play Mad Bomber, but I could see him being useful in certain decks or against certain decks too.

I’m not sure what class I’m going to focus on first… either Shammy, Warrior, or Rogue I think. Kind of leaning on Rogue the most.


As a rogue, nothing is as satisfying as coin -> Defias Ringleader -> Shadow Step -> Defias Ringleader on turn 1, haha. So dirty.




Fucking scumbag rogues. I’m a fan of this turn 1 move, myself:


Does that count as a heal? Wow



I was a fan of the actual WoW CCG, but this looks vastly different. I’d hop in and job to you guys when it goes into open beta though.


It doesn’t, but if your opponent either missed their one drop or doesn’t have a decent two drop, you’re going to get at least two card draws off of the now 1/5 cleric, and can usually build up a nice board off of her.

This game is actually pretty easy to pick up in constructed. Arena is kind of difficult to learn at first, but once you get a grasp on what cards are must-picks, just alright, and complete ass (no matter what, don’t draft Wisps or Hungry Crabs), it’s quite fun, provided you aren’t playing against the lucky sack of shit that drafted 4 Perdition Blades for early game,and a Ragnaros for late game.

Card notes:

Shit is bad. Even though it is free, it’s a 1/1, and it’s a card from your hand. Spend the mana and get a one drop that will actually do something, or spend two mana and get something that’s quite good.

Hungry Crab is especially bad for being a epic. I know, you’ll feel like a bawse when the crab kills a murloc, but that shit’s rarely going to happen, since there’s only one murloc that will ever get drafted (the 2 cost 2/1 charger). Constructed, just use that card slot for a board clear, since that is what you’ll really need to beat murloc rush decks.

Perdition’s Blade is godlike. The combo effect will normally kill something outright when played as a combo (used as the second or later card in a turn), and it’s got good stats on its own. Being a weapon, it goes very well with the pirate cards that benefit from weapons being in play.

Ragnaros is a monster. Even if silenced, you can then swing his 8/8 body into things.


Its very much like the wow tcg which I loved. Only they can use mechanics that only work in a virtual tcg which is cool. I look forward to multiple heroes of the same class to choose from, and also horde/alliance specific cards