Hearthstone - That other, other, other Blizzard game


I hate priest so much these days lol


Damn these nerfs are serious


So…Cubelock just dominates free?


I don’t think cubelock will be too dominant, at least pre rotation.
While it doesn’t get any nerfs right now, other decks benefit from them - Kingsbane rogue and secret mage for example.
Both decks have their issues against aggro decks which get nerfed and both are tough matchups for cubelock.
Past rotation? I don’t know, as secret mage loses some stuff, so does big priest (another bad MU for cubelock), let’s see what new toys we will get.

Played mostly big spell mage lately, just the struggle to tech in Ice Blocks or not. Only really needing them against Razakus priests…


CubeLock beats Secret Mage for sure. Kingsbane, it’s Even at best, really depends on how quickly each deck gets set up in a particular game.

The only MU I’d say CubeLock loses at this point is ironically enough, against ControLock. But ControLock still has multiple bad MUs in format.

I don’t think there’s anyway Doomguard doesn’t get HoF’d in a couple of months.


I disagree. Warlock and Priest being so popular is the main reason to play Secret Mage.
Aluneth is pretty much an autowin right now against those two.
I’m expecting way more tech, more silence and weapon removal to shake things up.

[e] vS has it positive for mage too, for whatever it’s worth.


That is untrue. The problem is that Secret Mage ends up causing more harm than good against CubeLock because Runes basically just allows the CubeLock player to get his Rattle plays off with much less setup and then Skull outright ignores it and the other Secrets otherwise.

Secret Mage beats CONTROLOCK because it simply cannot deal with the excess amount of burn quickly enough. A wall of Voidlords mean nothing if you’re just taking all the damage to the face anyway.

But yeah, honestly maxing Oozes and Spellbreakers will be mandatory for every single deck for the next two months.


I doubt Doomguard gets HOF’d, given that they have pushed Discardlock so long. It survives another year at least. And it hasn’t been dominate forever, in all warlock decks. Just because its good in a current deck does not make it HoF material. Its not been in every warlock deck forever.


I love how it took them the end of the rotation cycle to nerf cards that have been overpowered for the majority of the cycle. Not bad Blizzard, only 8 months late.

I haven’t played much this expansion and didn’t invest any money in it. Saving up for the next one.


Hit 500 wins on my second class, Rogue. Been playing forever but I dont really ever grind, I just like to play a lot around set releases. Next up is probably Mage.


Grats… but… why play the one with the bucket hat when you could rock Valeera? : /
Watch - your - back.


Welcome to Secret Mage / Cubelock / Kingsbane Rogue / Aggro Druid / Highroll Priest meta.

Pray to gods that the rotation brings enough tools to Paladin, Warrior, Shaman and Hunter to be competitive


I used to be a Warlock lover but fuck me, I’m so sick of cube/ctrl locks. Why is Rin even a card?
That card alone is the biggest fuck you to any ctrl decks.
Cubelock gets a lot of hate but I hate Rin ctrl lock with passion. A single card should not render slower ctrl decks useless.

Gave it a go this month and it’s rare for me to be r2 10 days in but today was brutal.


Control decks have basically had decks that fuck over aggro since the beginning of time, it’s only fair that there are some that turn the tables.

They are literally spending 41 mana to get that effect, and the control decks are like “Durr I can’t do anything proactive to win.” I really, really like Rin.


Err, yes? Aggro > Tempo > Control > Aggro is just the usual way it works? No issues with an outlier or two.

I wouldn’t mind Rin if it wasn’t played in the deck that starts to build the great wall of screw you from turn 5 onwards.
To me it’s the same flawed design that was Jade Idol, an uncounterable card that has the power to singlehandedly win (nearly any) control matchup.
Maybe I’m just salty because I played some lackey > Rin, coin, Pact games this day.


Finally at 7/9 classes at 500 wins.
Druid 35/500.
Paladin 0/500.
I don’t think I’ll ever seriously play those classes in constructed, my work is done. :v


Bumping the thread since it seems to be a bit dead

Patch 10.4 recently came out with the Arena changes (i.e. updated Draft mechanics based on an internal tierlist)

You can also preorder the first expansion of the year through the client, gives you 70 packs for 50$ + an exclusive cardback

Also, the upcoming expansion is called The Witchwood

As usual it includes 135 cards and introduces new keywords

This time it’s Echo (basically same as Unstable Evolution, using a cards multiple times a turn until all your mana is spent) and Rush (basically Charge except minions can’t attack the heroes until the next turn)


Witchwood releases on Thursday. Get your two loss Arena runs ready while you can.


new expansion is pretty fun


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