Heat of the Battle(Battlefield Arcadia #3) in NYC- Cash Prizes 8/30


Heat of the Battle in NYC with Empire Arcadia!- Cash Prizes 8/30

Game’s Station Presents in the final days of Summer,
A SFIV Tournament featuring the crew from Empire Arcadia as well as an Exhibition with International Players!
Blazblue Tournament

*Date: August 30th 2009
Registration will be @ 12:00 p.m
Tournament will begin @ 2:00 p.m
*Registration will end when the tournament starts.

Hosted @ Game’s Station
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204
(For subway transportation, Take the N Bound train to Coney Island Bound and stop @ Bay Parkway and walk to the left towards 67th)

Fee:$10 for Tournament Entrance/ $10 for Cover Charge

Prizes will be paid out in Cash (7/2/1)

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

This will be an event that will be using the Xbox 360 to host the tournament. It will also be a BYOC event (Bring your own controller).
Sure anyone can run their mouths, but can their skills do the talking? Come over at this event to see if your skills are competitive enough with other SFIV players!

Questions? Please contact (917)-519-7141 or call (718) 837- 6604 for more information.
Be There!


good stuff. Im looking forward to thisss


there :china:


It says heat.

Lol. Now this makes me look silly since this was in response to a comment from emperors hand.


am in their and ama bring some people too


I need to get buttons to swap out my parts on my SE stick.


word. You guys will be glad when we have the tourney.


Sounds hot any other fighters gonna be featured there?


Just SFIV at the moment. This will be the first timise we will be hosting an event and this will be big. :smiley:


This is the final request being made to take Heart of battle off of your event title before actual action is taken. We thank you for your co-operation before hand.


What are you on?



not to hate, but learn to read man. it’s HEAT! Not HEART, HEAT!

Title is just fine.

does your store sell button parts?



shakes head


Mr KG,
In cooperation of the name change to not misidentify your “Heart” of Battle, I’ve decided to change it to Rumble in the Heat @ NYC. :smiley:

And Delicious, no buttons are sold at the moment. However, we are in consideration of deciding whether this is a good proposition to deal with. We’ll keep you update as soon as possible. :smiley:


damn I really wanted to go but I get out of work at 2


holy shit…im 2 train stations away from there. ill come thru


It’s all good. I just wanna swap out the stock parts on my SE stick but it’s not a big deal.


I hate how tournaments are split between ps3/360 sighhhh…


Why is 20 dollar entry now the tourney standard? Shit. I know the venue has to get paid, but like…take 5 bucks out of the tourney cost or something. Draining my cash.


We could have done $5 bucks for the tourney but it’s just to keep the prizes to be reasonable to allow more players to enter in. As for consoles, if we chose PS3, some players may have ps3 controllers and may not have the other or vice versa. Now that you mentioned it, we may throw in 2 360’s and a PS3 for compatibility issues. :smiley: