Heath Ledger's Impact on Upcoming Batman


So quite frankly I’m not too hyped about the new upcoming Batman movie, I will watch it eventually, but not in hurry as I was to watch The Dark Knight, two reason, number one The Joker and two Heath Ledger playing The Joker. He’s done such a great job as the character that most people gave him the highest praises, along with people cheering his name in the theater after the movie ended to show respect and appreciation which was pretty cool, also his future before passing away seemed quite bright and one could assume that playing that character as well as Jack Nicholson have had, may put him in the top of Hollywood maybe a sequel in another Batman and who knows Harley Quinn could of been along side with The Joker/Heath Ledger. But I wanted to get opinions on if Heath Ledger roll as The Joker in Dark Knight may have an impact on whether Dark Knight Rises will be successful or not. btw RIP Heath Ledger.



wtf did you just even say

you know the joker isnt in this one right


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His point I believe is that Joker is not in this movie because Ledger died. When he died Nolan said he was not going to use the character anymore out of respect to Ledger. Which is hilarious considering he died if a drug overdose and Hollywood did everything in their power to hide the fact that he was basically a Junkie.


He played the role well.
He was enjoyable.
If you only liked the movie JUST because of his role, then you’re missing the point of the movie.
I enjoyed the movie. ALL of it.

Side Note: I hate swimming for Joker pics. All I see is Ledgers rendition. It’s cool, but god damn I want that classic look.


Why is this not in the TDKR thread? I guess the OP should’ve stayed in his corner because he can’t comprehend how forums work.