Heaven vs Hell, round 2! The Darksiders 2 thread


So I can’t be the only one to start this game today.
First one was great and second one is promising a whole lot more.
And for those that don’t know, SRK’s very own Trag was the lead combat design on the game and insert some “easter eggs”/references to SRK in the game.


bought my copy today, cant wait to get started!

reviews have been pretty good, ign were harsh-ish at 7.5/10, but i liked the first one


IGN sucks ass and universally has one of the worst review crews, so don’t read into it to much.


That “kill 160 enemies” during the flying stage trophy is kicking my ass! Any tips? I know I’m talking about the first game.


Heaven or Hell? LET’S ROCK!!!

Sorry just had to say it after seeing the thread title. :lol:


lol i thought the exact same thing


My friend’s playing and his status on XBL says Darksiders II Has Died 9 times.
I told he sucked for dying so much


Waiting for my CE to arrive…finishing DS1 in the meantime.


2 hours in and so far I absolutely love it. They fixed the issues I had with the first one.
The soundtrack is wonderful.


IGN= ignorant gullible nimrods


I’m about 2 hrs in as well, and the game rocks.

The bonus items that come with the CE is really helping. I’m only at level 4 though so I can’t equip any of the armors.

I asked this in the X360 thread but, any idea what those glowing stones are? I’ve come across blue and red ones. I’m assuming they were in the first one too but I played it years ago.


You;ll find out soon enough. After the Cauldron.


A few hours in, some quick thoughts. I’m really hating the loot system, was this really necessary? I can appreciate the attempt at the PoP traversal, but it feels a bit wonky, and why in God’s name do I have to hold L2 before jumping from ledges/pillars? Unfortunately the game froze on me once already and I fell through the floor once as well. I absolutely loved part 1, beat it multiple times, platinumed it, and have eagerly and patiently been awaiting part 2…I’m not exactly impressed with what I’m seeing so far.


loving this game, 4 hrs in. there are a few visual issues here and there, but Death makes up for it in style. Damn Dust is handy lol

those hunger claws (forgot the exact name). Ive put in a LOT of weapons into, stats changed and stuff, but remains at level 3…normal?


getting my copy later today along with some other goodies, though this will be the first one I play.


This game was developed by crazy people, asians, and hippies. I don’t know how to feel about this game after getting my hands dirty.



It’ll all make sense at the end of the game.


I’ve put a few more hours into it and so far it’s nowhere near as good as D1. The loot stuff is cool, but really annoying when it blocks your view in a fight. I really dislike no blocking since I suck at judging 3d movement. They boasted about the game being so much bigger, but that seems to be at the expensive of just making huge areas with nothing much going on. It feels like an MMO at times. It’s been a while since I played D1, but it seemed more focused and better paced. That said, it’s still fun and I have many hours ahead

Oh, and what does charging heavy attack do with a buckler? It looks like an energy shield, but didn’t block anything


Got about 12 hour into this now and its hit load of fun. I love the loot. The loot tat screen only pops up with when you stand on top of loot for a second, but in fight you shouldn’t be standing still anyway. It goes away after a second anyway, I just dodge out if it pops up.

I don’t mind the PoP style traversal it’s more interesting ten most of what War had going for him in DS.With that said i miss double jumping and the ability to use R1 to climb vines faster.

Hnd Gun’s useful in this which is more then i can say for Wars handgun. it does pitiful damage yes, but it’s great for building wrath quickly in a pinch, or from a distance. I aso like that it doesn’t have unlimited ammo but i wish I cold hit a button to reload it instead of having to wait.

I got a Possessed Scythe earlier and upgraded it to see how the system work. I love it. I added Health on Crit, Health on Execution, Fire Element and Strength toit, and named it Despair. Awesome. I don’t like the skin on it tho so i eagerly await getting another one with a more sleek look.

I also have Wars Scythe and Pauldron from beating DS1. My current gear is better tho, I can’t decide if I wanna keep em or feed em to something. i wish the Scythe was a Possesed one cuz it looks fucking awesome. I hate to put i to the side already and I bet no other weapon looks like it in the game to. Shame.

Need to do more side quests. Anyone find the dude in the woods you need to kill in the first hub? I can’t find him.


Ok after a few more hours of playing I have to say I’m really bored/annoyed with it now. Like someone said, the areas are bigger, but with very little to do, and it feels like an MMO way too often which I really hate. It reminds me of Kingdoms of Amalur but with a shitty Darksiders backdrop. Combat is mindlessly easy now too, nothing is even remotely threatening yet and I’ve been getting by with the standard square x4 combo and square delay, square combo. Part 1 had a smaller scope, but felt way more refined than this. It also crashed my system yet again, I’m gonna put in one more solid session of playing, but it’s looking very ebay bound ATM.


I’m loving the hidden just frames combos. Trag added a few hidden attacks unlisted anywhere which only happen if you hit it at the exact frame link timing so I suggest really experimenting with combos.

Does anyone know what the rule sof Possessed weapons are? How many levels you can give them before you can’t upgrade them anymore?