Heavenly Slash overrated?

I’ve been trying to use heavenly slash to defend myself when I get cornered, rushed-down, or teleport + assist spammed because I thought it had invincible start up. But I never seem to beat out my opponent. The main time I try/want to use it is against Vergil’s unbelievably high priority air S and his H S repeat slash. I’ve also tried to use it against Wolverine’s dive kick and Dante’s very high priority teleport air sword slash. What’s going wrong?

It does have invincibility, but not very much. Like around 10 frames I believe? But anyways, it does work if you anticipate a move and use a reversal, but it seems like you’re using it too early. Remember that the move itself has a pretty fast start up, so you have to use it kind of late, at least against attacks like divekicks. That, or your attacked just whiffed and left you open.

Its for beating out air normals like dante’s J.H and Spencer’s j.H and j.S. It can’t beat out the big ones like Helm Breaker and Nova’s J.H.

It has 14 frames, covering both the startup and active frames. I actually think it’s underrated, but you can’t just go use it every time someone gets close. You actually have to wait for a good time to use it.

It’s useful for people who dash in hastily. You can use j. H to poke them and get away.

Nope it should work all the time. Youre just not timing it right.

You’re not timing it right.

It has about the same amount of invincibility as Somersault, but a smaller hitbox, unable to be Jced or tked, or any of the finer points. Along with it’s unsafety.