Heavy Gravity Mode

Its easy to get to, just go special brawl and set gravity to heavy.

Now when I first heard of people playing this mode I thought it was stupid. I tried it out saw some stupid nerfs and just stopped for awhile. But now I have come back to it and now I realize that I like this mode more than normal brawl.

This game is very different from normal brawl. Since everyone falls faster many characters get more tactics for approaching. The game is a lot more aggressive than normal brawl. And edgeguarding game is much much effective in this mode as well. Matches are quicker and more intense. Now some recoveries do get nerfed and some crazy gimps come back but I think a lot of these can be overlooked since the game is so much funner for aggressive players.

I’m a Sonic main in heavy. His up+B got horrifically weakened and thus his recovery is tons worse. But his spring is now more useful else were, it works well for edgeguarding and sometimes for combing. Since you start falling faster sometimes you can shorthop a spring, then fastfall a bair and it works pretty damn well.

Well I just wanted to get a topic started for it. You people should try it out if you havent.

It’s a fun little diversion, but I wouldn’t make it standard for anything; especially since camping isn’t the end-all be-all of the game it was hyped to be. Aggressive players have a damn good chance at victory, it just takes practice and knowledge of spammy characters.

Its fun just like the other thread where you can make the game into a traditional fighter. I think the fact that we can modify the game to suit different types of playstyles really says a lot about the superb job the devs did.

I agree with KMD though. It shouldn’t become standard. The game was developed with the core fighting game in mind. I think that should be the game we play. Items/gravity/stamina/custom stages are just fun flourishes that supplement the game.

I find myself playing heavy way more simply because I find it funner and because the characters feel more diverse. Anyone have any opinions on this mode or information on how it changes their character? Likes/dislikes?

I know these aren’t great… but I thought we needed some heavy gravity matches up in this thread. Here are 3 videos of me and my friend trying to play it up. Enjoy if you can.




holy shit it’s melee