HeavyD's (actual) House of Scrumbles! Tentative June 5th

Hey there, since I will have the house to myself I thought I’d throw a get together down since I miss the apartment scrumbles.

Address: 2712 E Roy ST
Its on capitol hill, if you’re coming from the north you can just get on 23rd and run it all the way up to Roy. Similar deal from the south.

I have a 52 incher in the main room, will probably put the xbox up there for the day.

The old 32 inch sony monstrous hd crtv in my bedroom, which has the ps3 on it

And finally, the 52 inch projection (hitachi I think?) hdtv across from my bedroom in the man cave!

This means that we’ll need an extra setup for one of the tvs, and if theres hella people theres a small tv in my parents room but I think we’ll stay out of there.

I have 3 ps3 sticks and 2 360 sticks on hand at the HoS, bring your own stuff if you want though since some of mine are gross.

Rules: Everythings pretty simple, don’t be dumb and break stuff, try not to spill stuff, be nice and it will go well. Keep food in the kitchen (BYOF), and drinks as well. If you want to take it downstairs thats fine but just be careful in transition because all the new stuff is between the destinations, as well as some narrow ass stairs (which I fell down on tuesday)

I won’t hesitate to kick someone out if you’re not being cool, but this will not happen because you are all cool.

One more thing: Don’t have anything in the living room, all the furniture in there is new and I don’t want to be the one responsible for any stains there. PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE keep this one in mind.

Parking: Don’t come before 6, theres a 2 hour limit before 7 unless you’re a resident. The police like to patrol around here and give tickets because they’re weird. Also, be careful coming down the hill if you’re coming from 23rd, its hella steep.

Thats it! See you fools there.

I’m down!

En Kah Dargo! Let’s go Heavy Dizzle!

sooo close to my house!!! I’m supposed to practice with Bryce tomorrow night, I’m in if I can talk him into coming too.

can bring all the fixins for another setup.

I’ll be there, mind if I bring someone else too Dan?

Feel free to bring whoever you want.

Will attempt to come tonight!

I’d like to roll through. Won’t be able to make it out until ~8 or so.

^yo can I roll to this spot?

Yeah you’re good FUTURE, come on down.

My sister might be here for a couple of hours once people start getting in, she’ll be gone by later so don’t bug her please

One more note, all my tv’s have hdmi inputs

Whats being hooked up to the Projector? I know theres 1 360 on the big screen, and 1 PS3 on a smaller screen. Just wondering which stick I should bring for the EVENT.

Im moving the ps3 to the projection one, because its hooked up to a surround sound system and I want to hear stuff in FFXIII really well. So the sony in my bedroom will be open for a setup, has dvi hdmi and component inputs I think. I would suggest bringing a ps3 stick since I have 2 360 sticks and people are sure to bring their own. I’m working on a mod on the hrap3sa right now so some of its buttons are not firing properly, and the vshg has a gross ass pcb but should be fine for SFIV.

Sorry bro. Not gonna make it out tonight. Got a lot of stuff to do so I’m just gonna stay home. Next time though!

So I spent most of my gas today, and I need what little gas money I have left for my drive to olympia tomorrow…I’m probably just gonna sit out tonight, aka bitch out.

Hahaha there was some epic shit going down at the end there.

Also chris masters lost to my rose.


Good shit everyone for coming out, fun times and good games.

Yeah, it was fun tonight. Thanks for opening up your place Dan.

whoa whoa whoa my SAKURA lost to your rose… gotta specify sir… anyways GGs all around shit was tyte the future was even there for 15 min lol

I think losing with your Sakura is worse because you know she is #1 in your heart!

Thanks Dan for hosting

Thanks for having us over Dan. The matches (and shit talking) were epic.

pshh there was no shit talking… only hate…