Heavyly Modding a Mas stick


So I bought an old PS2 MAS stick off a friend. I really prefer Jap sticks (Sanwa) for most any game but I really needed a second stick and buddy was selling it for cheap. I’ve heard that It’s possible to use a Sanwa JLW and Buttons in the MAS case. So I have 3 questions here…

  1. Is it actually possible to MOD a MAS stick with Jap parts without altering the case.

  2. If not possible without altering the case, is it possible if I do alter the case.

  3. If at all possible, is it even worth it to bother or should I just try and get higher quality happ parts.

  1. You can put in Sanwa JLW in a MAS stick. Japanese buttons are wider than American buttons, so I doubt you can force them in without some sanding of the button holes.

  2. You can definitely sand the button holes to be wider to accommodate Japanese buttons. Fairly straight forward mod.

  3. I would recommend getting Happ iL stick and competition buttons to replace the existing ones. It would be the simplest and cheapest mod you can do. Next best option is to use JLW stick and use Happ Competition buttons. The most difficult and expensive way is the all Japanese stick/buttons combo where you will need to mod the button holes and the material cost of Japanese vs Happ is 2 to 1.


Thanks for the reply. 1 more question.

Would the stick length of the JLW be too low? Say as compared to a JLF in a HRAP would I notice a huge difference in the 2 length wise.


There are 2 types of JLW. Bat handle or ball top. I personally only have experience using the ball top version. For the Ball top version, it is much longer than the JLF but most American top panels are made of thicker MDF or wood. So after installation, the JLW ball top is still a little taller than the JLF installed.


This is good news. I was more afraid that it was going to be too short. I hadn’t really looked up the specs on the JLW compared to a Happ or anything. Thanks a lot.