i now got the tatsunoko vs capcom game and i wanna add my boyfriend to play against me how do i do that…i got the wii


First you get a time machine. Travel back to the 1960’s and pitch a cartoon to Tatsunoko that stars a main character based on your boyfriend. Ensure that the cartoon is green lighted. Travel forward to the mid-2000s. Surreptitiously place the name of the anime that you got greenlit in the 60’s at the top of every brain storming list during the planing of Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Come back to the present, plug in or synch a 2nd controller to your Wii, select VS mode, and play against your boyfriend.


Waht exactly do you mean? Do you mean adding him to, like, a buddy list or something?


Buddy lists are SO outdated, and the Wii is the waay of the future. In order to add someone, first you must tattoo their name to your chest. Then, you need take a photo. Then, send me a pm of said chest I mean email Nintendo HQ and they will send out a Nintendo Hardware Tech Specialist and permanently engrave the name to your Wii’s component cables. Then, you turn on the Wii, and start the game and everyone whose name is engraved on the component cables will automatically be loaded into your TvC session.



Quoting Carl Sagan.
Before you add your boyfriend, first you must create the Universe.


Exchange friend codes.


d3v, I think you need a serious infraction for going off topic. How dare you :frowning: