Heh, What A Sucker! - Mixup/Reset/Gimmick Thread

Here’s some basic stuff that is character specific.

Cerebella: s.lp, s.lk, s.mp, s.mk, j.lp, j.lk, j.mp, j.mk, land, grab.

Double, Painwheel, Parasoul: s.lp, s.lk, s.mp, s.mk, j.lp, j.lk, j.mk, land, grab.

Filia, Ms. Fortune, Peacock, Valentine: s.lp, s.lk, s.mp, s.mk, j.lp, j.mk, land, grab.
s.lp, s.mp, s.hp (1 hit), qcf lk, grab. Works on everyone.

Just hold forward after the special until the grab. The grab will whiff if you don’t. I always mash the grab after the bomb, and as long as I walk forward it connects.

Everyone: s.mk, j.mp, j.hk > grab
after [in corner] j.lk>[CHARLIE BROWN LOOP TIEMZ]

Here’s a quick and dirty for you guys.

s.MK -> j.HK -> Airdash forward.

You’ll cross over the opponent in a situation where, if they try to attack you (or are just not expecting a crossup from peacock), the latter half of j.HK will fall on them and give you ample time to do another combo.

If they start expecting that?

s.MK -> j.HK -> Airdash Cancel -> j.HP

Fake crossup setup, you’ll end up on the original side.

Off Grab (Obligatory stuff):

Grab -> George’s Day Out -> HK Teleport (Crossup)/MK Teleport (Fake crossup)
Grab -> George’s Day Out -> Dash Forward -> Jump -> j.HK for similar crossup setup.

Ambiguous crossup:
s.mk,j.mp,delayed j.hk, land

from here you’re directly under and you can choose your shenanigans : grab, qcf mp, and fake teleport are all fun and pretty safe due to avery hovering above before they land to punish any foolish poking if you decide to just block instead.Take a step back to stay on the same side. Doesn’t cross on Double.

Very ambiguous though, I can never tell which side we’ll each end up on, and block the wrong way.

If you cancel out of the startup of peacock’s airdash, it kills all the momentum on her jump which is really great for instant overhead j.LK or j.HK avery pressure. If you time the cancel just right, avery will stuff anything they throw out and (much more importantly) hit most characters out of their normal throws if they’re attempting to tech/mash throw. Tested the throw setup on Cerebella, Valentine, Filia, and Parasoul. Loses to all their throws but Cerebella’s Diamond Drop starts up too quick so you’d have to hold up to bait it. I imagine it’s the same for anyone with a command throw.

Chains cancelled into George’s Day Out seem really safe so with low chains and IAD overheads Peacock actually has an okay mixup game in the corner, especially if you’re holding HP Item Drop. Level 3 item drops must be blocked high and are great for cancelling unsafe strings when George’s Day Out would go through an opponent in blockstun (I’ve only seen it happen after a blocked c.HK). Can’t really find any setups for avery crossups on wakeup that can’t be teched out of.

(All this has probably been mentioned already in the combo thread and it’s not so much gimmicks as what I think Peacock’s rushdown tools are for opening fools up.)

I was trying out some things and it seems that with the right assists she can set up a high/low/throw mixup in the corner. Unsurprisingly, I found this using Fortune as a tag partner with dp+LK.

So this is the main chain:

s.LP, s.MP, s.MK, j.LP, j.LK (1 hit), j.MP xx j.LP, j.MP, land, s.LP, s.MP, s.HP, assist, qcb+HP

The assist has to be able to lift the opponent off the ground. I haven’t tried with any other assists, but I believe Parasoul’s Pillar, Filia’s Updo and anyone’s launcher could also potentially work.

So here’s what happens: If you time the assist right with the cancel into the item drop, the item drop will force a restand. All that’s left to do is follow up with one of these options:

  1. c.LP, s.MP, s.MK, continue
  2. hold HP item drop, air throw (only works on launchers and Fortune’s dp+LK), release item drop, c.LP, s.MP, s.MK, continue
  3. throw, qcb+HP charge for wakeup mixup
  4. IAD j.LK, s.LP, s.MP, s.MK, continue

By IAD j.LK I mean cancelling also the dash startup with j.LK to stop yourself in mid air. As for mixups, I love charging an HP item drop to at least the first level up, then j.MK and release. Or release, then j.MK. One person high/lows are funny.

Another high/low/throw mixup involves a j.MK combo. This is the chain (mind you it’s harder on some characters):

s.LP, s.MP, s.MK, j.LP, j.LK (1 hit), j.MP xx j.MP, j.MK, land

The bolded and underlined j.MP is the hardest link in there, and what makes it character specific outside the corner. From here, you have three options:

  1. c.LP, s.MP, s.MK, continue
  2. throw, charge qcb+HP for wakeup mixup
  3. IAD j.LK, s.LP, s.MP, s.MK, continue

A note about resetting using IAD j.LK: you’ll likely have to delay the jump slightly; not only to make it more ambiguous (that’s a nice side effect) but more for the fact that it comes out so damn fast that it might combo, IPS might trigger and… wait, you’re Peacock, you don’t care if you’re full screen lol

OK, so I found a corner low/throw/overhead mixup for solo Peacock. It will still likely be easier with an assist so you can keep the pressure and corner them, but hey.

(ground stuff), s.MK, j.LP, j.LK, j.MP, j.HK, land, qcb+HP

If the item drop combos, your opponent will now be facing the corner and be falling straight down. Then you can:

  1. wait, throw, item drop hold, qcf+MK, mixup :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. air throw
  3. c.LP, combo
  4. IAD j.LK, combo

Note, Peacock’s j.MK is not a low hit.

Mike_Z: “[stuff I find stupid], jumping attacks that hit low”

Well… that’s just weird.

Alright, I found a reset/mixup that works on everyone.

Anything into s.MK, j.LP, j.LK, j.HK.

The j.HK will hit, but Avery will whiff and you’ll be moving to the ground faster than the opponent to set up a mixup or just block lol

The timing is easy as long as you do j.LP as early as you can, and the timing actually gets EASIER with increasing weight.

In the corner, this works on everyone:

stuff into s.MK, j.LP, j.LK, j.MP xx dash, j.LP, j.MP, land, s.LK, s.MP, s.HK xx qcb+HP (hold), OTG c.LP, s.MK, release HP

The end result is that the still level 1 item drop will hit the opponent going up, so they are dropped straight down into your low-throw mixup. You can do the item release anywhere between half height to full height, although at full height they might still be able to poke you out of it. To help with that, here’s a scenario!

stuff into s.MK, j.LP, j.LK, j.MP xx dash, j.LP, j.MP, land, s.LK, s.MP, s.HK xx qcb+HP (hold), OTG c.LP, s.MK, qcf+MK, release HP

Cancel the launcher into the car, THEN release HP. The item drop should hit them near full height. If the opponent tries to hit you on the way down, George allows you to keep the combo going. If not, then they get low/throw mixup. A throw will hit before George does, the low will combo into George so hooray.

That just gave me an idea.

In the corner:
…mk, j.hk, adc, j.hk, land, sj.hp, adc, j.lk(3), j.mp, land, j.lp, j.lk, j.mp, j.mk, s.mp, s.hk, qcb.hp(hold), c.lk, s.mp, s.hk, qcf.lk, dash, s.lp(2), c.lk, c.mp, (delay)c.mk+(release).

Gives you enough time to charge a level 3 item drop. Depending on when you release it, either the c.mk or the drop will hit first. Can’t do an unblockable, obviously, but you can make it a tough guess.

…I am so behind everyone here in learning Peacock lol

I guess most of my time is spent trying crossups, mixups and resets than combos lol

That stuff is useful. I mean, I’ve played other solid Fortune players with nice combos, but you’re the only one that’s really given me trouble, because of your resets. That corner cross-under is dirty, especially with the constant threat of a throw. Put as mush time into Peacock as you did Fortune and I’m sure she’ll be just as deadly.


This player’s style is a little more aggressive than I prefer, but it’s nice to see more extensive use of j.mk as well as item drop crossups. It’s hard to judge how effective they’d be against more skilled players, though. These opponents seem outclassed.

Not related to mixups, but cancelling backdash into specials is also something I like seeing out of players. Allows for more refined projectile placement. The patch allowing PP backdash out of pre-block is going to help so much with that.

My peacock is fucking sick

I’m rushdown cock though

Hopefully it takes less than the two months I’ve put into Fortune lol

In game 1 of this, I do my 50/50 corner reset.


It consists of an assist that lifts the opponent up but does not cause a knockdown (so the opponent will recover in the air), easier if the height is less than that of a regular launcher (Fortune’s LK DP, Cerebella’s c.MK, Filia’s c.MP) although it is possible with launchers if you super jump.

combo into s.LP, s.MP, s.HP (call assist) xx qcb+HP (hold), jump forward

From there, you can:

  1. throw, release HP as opponent is falling before they hit the ground, j.LK (3-hit), land, s.LP, combo (1:06)
  2. j.LK (smaller and heavier characters), release HP, land, s.LP, combo (0:54)
  3. j.LP, j.LK, j.MP, j.MK, release HP, land, combo

Found an interesting combo ender, assuming you’ve already used a j.mp in your combo.
…land, s.lp.s.mp, s.hk, qcb.hp, IAD j.mp, qcf.pp

That combos, but it also triggers IPS. The j.mp is pretty much max distance, so it should whiff a burst, allowing you to hit with the unscaled super. If they burst during the first half of the super(the second doesn’t appear to have sparks), I’m not sure what their options are. They might be able to burst the first beam hit and recover in the gap. Don’t have a way to test it.

Edit: Thinking about it, the right time to burst might actually be during the j.mp hit. New training options in the patch will be so useful. Tons of setups to test.

For AA, you can burst at any point. The hitsparks aren’t there but they are still in a combo that violates IPS. Additionally, they can block the instant they recover. Also, being invincible during the burst, they can burst late in the second half of the super for invincibility through the rest of it.

Also, you are a big, big, big, big, big, big target during the second half of AA, so even an invincible/projectile invincible air super will catch you at that distance.

Makes sense. Probably better to go with something like H Bang, which might combo at that distance, or just s.HP, which won’t, but would give you the best array of options, depending on what they do.