jin a good character what r u thinking FAG…lol no u know i love you watch out for those ice cream sandwiches


dude, you just sat on your ice cream sandwitch. lol. good times… but jin can be played good, but its hard. alot of lagtime to deal with, and hes slow. otherwise, its he is pretty freakin awsome. groovy. peace


Wow, informative. Seriously thou, would there be any point in learning him over, say, doing magneto’s infinate with your feet? :stuck_out_tongue:




Hey scrubs, stop dissing Jin cause it’s only a matter time before he jumps off the screen and lays the smackdown on ALL your candy asses.:lol:

Seriously though, while Jin will never be a dominant tourney character, he’s still a lot better than half of the other low tiers in this game (spiderman, ryu, dan, akuma, morrigan, venom, sabretooth, roll, both wolverines, amingo, chunli, etc.)

Jin’s jumping down roundhouse kick is the Main move that you want to use while playing as Jin. It hits 3x and comboes off very easily. Jin’s other options on point are his standing hp, crouching hp, standing hk, and master his hp throw, the one where he slams them into blodia’s fist. Do all that and you’ll never have to hit a single air combo as Jin. He’s not about air combos anyways, which is the main reason people choose not to play him.:lame:

I’ll post more including the Jin team that I used and his other strats and his best combo, if the time comes.
Jin > u scrubs:lol:


wouldn’t you want to use jin’s jumping in strong punch…it has insane priority and there’s no lag like the jumping kick…that kick is out there so long that you would only wanna use it when you have a huge opening…where as you would be able to come down with a jumping hp and combo off of that…but that’s just my take on it…its good to see that different people use different strategy tho…:smiley:


Well all of Jin’s jumpins are good, but his jumping hp is only an offense move and not much of a defense move. In other words if your opponent is tri-jumping on you, you better not jump up and hp, cause then you’ll be dead. The only way that would work as if you’re jumping up to him at a far enough distance, and then half the time you’ll nail them with his hp throw. Both his roundhouse kicks do beat jumpins air to air. His regular roundhouse does that way better than his down roundhouse though. Of course the only thing that kills all 3 of jin’s jumpins are aaa

Though it would just be safer and smarter just to do dynamite or saotome cyclone to counter jumpins anywayz.:lol:

Damn, I forgot what good teams I’ve seen Jin on.:
Charlie, Jin, and guile all aaa
Blackheart, Jin, and Sent forgot assists
Teams I used him on:Charlie or Guile, Capcom, Jin all aaa
Guile proj or aaa/Doom aaa, Cyke aaa or even Cable aaa/Jin aaa

Basically, he could go on any team and do well as long as you have 2 good point people, Jin on aaa, Jin in 2nd or 3rd position, and you actually know how to use him.
Peace out:cool:


a couple of jin teams i use are:
jin(aaa)/thanos(capture)/ironman(projec. or aaa)
its def good to see people still like jin…i think he’s badass…he’s unquestionably strong…and his jump ins stop a lot of supers…:smiley: