Height and fightsticks


I’ve been using a fightstick since around 2009, and since then I’ve easily invested 500+ hours using it.
However I still find my arms really cramped up trying to use it and I feel this effects my execution considerably.

I’m 6’5" and I was wondering if my height (longer limbs) had anything to do with this, have other taller fight stick users expressed any similar problems or are you yourself a taller user with the same problem?


Tall people usually have longer legs to go with their extended arm reach, so they have some more lap space to place their stick, and thus still maintain similar proportions to other people. The alternative would be to use another chair to place your stick on, so that your arms can be a little bit more comfortable. You can also learn to play while sitting on the ground, so you have a more stable surface to place your stick on, as well as being able to put the stick wherever you feel is comfortable.


I am waiting for someone to tell you to get a VLX which still wont correct the problem.
2009 so I am assuming you are using one of these many mass manufactured fightsticks. Is that correct?
The reason your arms are feeling cramped is most likely because the buttons are too damn close to the stick.
I am about 5’9 and my arms would cramp and it is because of that damn spacing.


You should get a VLX. I’ll wager that’ll fix all your problems.


How is your posture? A hunched back would bring you closer to your lap. You might be better with a bigger chair, or sitting on the floor.


See if you can borrow one of the sticks that use the namco noir layout. The buttons are further away from the stick, and might suit your broad shoulders better. I use the madcatz scv stick and it feels just fine. Also, try using the right most six buttons as opposed too the defaults. The extra distance might help.

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I agree with the Hori Noir stick suggestion, aside deom the stick lever being atleast an extra half inch apart from the buttons, you still have an excess of surface space as well.


I’m 6’6" and I haven’t found it especially difficult, I do sit with the stick pretty far down my lap though.


The Hori SCV stick is a great suggestion. Not only does it have a superior layout with extra space in between the stick and the buttons, but the case as a whole is the second best on the market IMO 2nd only to the Madcatz VS.


Yeah I think this is the problem, height only isn’t a factor if you make use of your extra leg length instead of placing a stick right next to your stomach.
I’ve ordered a battop for myself to see if it fixes my problem, apparently they’re more comfortable for people with larger hands.

If that doesn’t work I’ll probably try to adapt to playing with my stick around knee length.


Also depends on just how you press the buttons. Do you move your hand a lot when pressing them? I’m 6’3" and found with larger hands, I can keep my fingers in the same area and simply shift between punches and kicks, rather than moving my entire hand down to reach the lower buttons.


There are practical considerations other than ergonomics that go into building sticks. As a large person, I tend to think that the button and sticks ought to be significantly further apart than they are on typical fight sticks.


Besides the Hori SC V stick, there are two retro joysticks with decent spacing between the control lever and the buttons…

The Dreamcast Agetec stick has one of the best layout distances. Button set-up is similar but NOT quite identical to the Viewlix layout most common on joysticks made within the last 3 years.

Likewise, the HRAP 1 layout joysticks and licensed variants (most common in the US being the Tekken 5 10th Anniversary and Arcana Heart 2 joysticks) for the PS2 have decent space if you choose to cutout/disable the buttons furthest to the left (usually labelled L1 and L2 on the PS2 releases). With the last six buttons in use, the HRAP 1 layout is similar to the Agetec layout with the main difference being that the HRAP 1 buttons are spaced slightly closer together. Makes no real difference to me and I have small hands!


I’m 6’ 6" and I’m comfortable using just about every tournament stick on the market.