Height comparison of characters, moves that whiff on crouch/stand

Just sharing my latest waste of time. I was curious as to what attacks would completely whiff on certain characters, so I made this.

whiff/hit on crouching characters
whiff/hit on standing characters

X = whiff
O = hit

  • = varies, as some characters move up and down a lot during their idle stances


  • Legion Arrow was performed at point-blank. At a distance, it hits every character.

  • For Hulk’s forward dash, X means that he will jump over the character in question.

  • Double Lariat whiffs on Spencer despite hitting shorter characters. It seems he gets pushed further away from the lowest-hitting part of the move.

  • Phoenix Rage always whiffs on a crouching Phoenix, but it will hit a crouching Dark Phoenix at close range. This is the only move that differs between the two. No differences were noted for Arthur’s and Dante’s alternate forms.

  • Not every single character/attack match-up was tested. For example, after a certain point, I knew that if an attack hit a crouching Morrigan, Amaterasu, and Phoenix, then it would hit every character, so I would leave stuff like that out or fill in the blanks to save time.

  • Characters are listed in general order from shortest to tallest, but the list on the standing chart is mostly an educated guess since few of the listed attacks whiff on many characters.

I might make more charts later: moves vs forward walk, vs forward dash, vs crouching light attack, vs special cases (Prone Stance, Feral Crouch, etc.), vs low moves with forward momentum, etc. Maybe.

If you think there are notable moves that should be checked that I passed over, let me know.

Good stuff. I did not know that Spider-Man was shorter than Arthur. That’s…amazing. Knowing that I can walk under Wesker gun spam is also pretty awesome too (as I usually take to the air to get around it).

Thank you so much.

Holy shit that’s mad useful. Thanks for doing this, your efforts are appreciated!

Very useful chart, thanks a lot for setting this up.

I had no idea crouching Morrigan was that small!

Gustaff Fire definitely needs to be added to that list. I know for a fact Morrigan can crouch it.

No one can crouch it at point blank. I didn’t really check it beyond that.

Damn Iron Man, you large.