Heijoutei's DeeJay...Solid

I just recently came across this Japanese player that i have been watching on youtube…and i MUST say…he is looking good. HARDLY EVER misses those Dash U2’s when in dire need of them. Great mix-up game also. I just think every Deejay should check this guy out and learn a thing or two. Excuse me if this belongs in the General Discussion thread just HAD to share with my fellow DeeJays. Here are some great matches and there should be PLENTY more if you type in “Heijoutei DeeJay” in to the search bar:





Also to those veteran deejay players. If you notice, after a forward throw, he does a cr.hp instantly after with the untechable knockdown. Is this a safe jump set-up or does he use that to time the best moment to knee shot/ j.mk? Sorry I couldn’t test out myself. Thanks everyone and Enjoy/Learn!

You must not check the video thread lol

Crouch HP is used to beat or make wake up attacks whiff.

He’s solid. Better than pikotan imo

Sometimes people whiff cr.hp or st.mp to time safe jumps. I very rarely use that technique myself.

safe jump? how many frames would it beat? would have to be a knee shot safe jump after cr. hp

maybe st. mp could be used to time a normal safe jump setup.

I personally use c. mk to time my jump ins after successful throws. cr. hp makes me nervous that I’m jumping too late. I also use cr. mk to make my opponent think they know what to look for when I go for it and then whiff an instant knee shot and do another c. mk or dash in for another throw attempt. I don’t know if it’s effective for everyone but it helps me out. It’s probably the only consistent part of my game (when I’m not playing shotos).

I need to start utilizing somethin like this…Going on just timing gets me Dp’d too much…specially in hectic matches.

<.< Crap…were they already in there? HAHAH fail. You’re right i haven’t checked it in a while haha my bad guys.

Yeah Knut that’s what I was guessing too. I was thinking it had something to do with safe jumping since it was always done from an untechable knockdown. Im thinking about testing it out and doing it myself. Seems like it is successful considering the fact he kept getting free jump-ins everytime.

Overall, the dude has a very solid DeeJay sorry i didnt post correctly again guys :confused:


I meant to respond but this is a good example.

i’ve seen that, but thanks for the repost.