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It’s about time ST gets its own forum.

Let’s talk tiers: Are there any? That’s why I love the game so much. There’s match ups, but not so much tiers. No more yun vs yun crap.

Where would you say Fei Long fits in? He’s my fav… if there’s tiers, where is this badass at?

I don’t think that’s quite true. One look at N. 'Sim, Claw, or O. Sagat will tell you very clearly that tiers are present and accounted for in this game. It’s just that you need to know the gameplan for every match-up beforehand, otherwise you’re probably screwed. Low tier opponent or not.

NKI posted this list a long time ago:

What does exactly Dic have/does that makes him a High Mid Chara?

Talking with Daigo, he thought:
Chun and Sim are best
Balrog is 3rd
Ryu 4th

I thought Sim would be up there but was suprised Daigo thought so highly of Chun. I actually think she is top tier too but it was suprising that he thought the same. Japan has alot more top level chun-li’s, its hard to find many in the U.S. NKI is the only one I’ve met so far.

  • Alex

Seriously, does Chun’ even have any bad match-ups besides O. Sagat?

Chun should struggle against a good ST ryu, o,ryu, o.ken. Fei can bash her up. But i don’t think its so much do with her not having alot of good or bad matchups. Her tier place is more to do with her having lots of close matches. Most of her matches are probably 6-4, 5-5, 4-6.

I’d slighty disagree with NKI on tier list, but the differences are minute.

Top Tier
Sim, Boxer, O.Sag,

No doubt in my mind these 3 stand by above the rest.

Upper Mid Tier
Vega, Ryu, Dictator, Chun,

Most Notable change here is Vega. While he is very good, being a poke machine with some insane skanks, that effectively all he is. He himself can get skanked pretty hard.

Lower Mid Tier
Honda, Deejay, Ken, Fei, Guile,

Guess the big change here from NKI’s is Deejay. I’ve failed too see any Deejay that can really hang with the best, even though i know hes got some nasty stuff. Since i don’t know any deejay players, and from what i seen of jap match vids he hasn’t be that impressive, i’ve put him in the lower mid.

Bottom Tier
Gief, Blanka, Hawk, Cammy

I honstly don’t think cammy is as bad as NKI makes out. Shes one of those characters which once she gets in, is extremely hard to shake off. Also her combos seem quite easy and very powerful off wake ups. Coupled with a massive DP type move, i think she can hang with the other lower tier characters.

Even though there are tiers just like in any fighting game, i think the differences between the tiers are not as large as other fighters. Any character can compete. Yes you’ll always see the top two tiers take the top spots at tournaments, but thats a hell alot more characters than some other games. And its not as rare as other fighters to see even lower tier and bottom tier characters make an appearence in the top spots.

See, T Hawk and Blanka at the bottom really makes me scratch my head. I’ve seen some T.Hawk, in particular, just destroy people. Real lock down shit. I just don’t see this as I do Third Strike where only a few characters are worth even thinking about in a tourney.

i was talking to graham about chun-li in irc 2 days ago, he thinks shes very good also, but loses to ryu which is why he doesnt think she is extremely good. in his opinion, a character must do well against ryu to be top tier, which is why he thinks o sagat/ boxer/sim are top.

And I’ve seen Yamazaki almost wreck Nuki with Twelve. It happens.
Blanka’s ball is punishable even when it hits against some characters.

In my opinion, I think DJ can be very good under the right hands.

Yeah…AFRO LEGENDS’ hands…

For real though, I think DeeJay is really under-estimated…

Play DGV on kaillera or zbattle for a quick demonstration of why Deejay is nasty.
He’s not even his best character or anything either, but the guy can literally fireball zone most people to death. His slide and standing RH don’t make things any easier either.

Deejay is definantly underestimated!

His normals are hella good…

and he got sum funky tricks in the right hands

Can someone explain the timing on his machine gun punch? I can never seem to get them out. The faster you hit the button the more delayed it is? I don’t get it.

Although i got this game 2 days ago with only 100 matches on xbl i can say without a doubt deejay is at least middle tier cuz he’s very good but in an unconventional way his fireballs+slide=gg and up close i find it hard to anticiipate the rapid punch it jus comes outta nowhere.

Heres my tier list although i’m prolly way off on some of these cuz i’m basing this out of the little bit of personal experiance i have and watching “rythm n funk” who taught me to play. (he used to be 19th but dropped to 40 since he had to sell SFAC to get 360 LOL)

top tier





Personally i use ce sag but i get raped by all the ce guile users.

Although i rape rog with my sag rog is a beast cuz his charge punch followed by 2 fierce punches =hella block damage.

I think guile is by far the best cuz his combos which take advantage of the 0 recovery time of sonic boom are fuckin insane.

I think ken deserves more credit especially since turbo ken dizzys the opponent very very quickly and has a nasty crossup also when his st. m punch is chained into fierce uppercut it takes half life AND dizzys instantly sometimes.

What i truely love about the game is that even though some chars are clearly better then others anyone can still beat anyone cuz all the moves to so much damage.

What you’ve got there is an AE tier list. I don’t know if that’s what the OP was asking for.
I don’t know how much the opinion of a guy who actively plays Marvel Nemesis is really worth either.

I beat Daigo’s Balrog with my DJ. Dj is dam good.

  • Alex

Machine gun punch? Anyone tell me how to do it effectively (all the hits?) :sweat:

After you start it, mash ALL THREE PUNCHES as fast as you can. Right when the third hit connects, stop mashing. That’s the way I get it to land most often.

  • James

Actually it’s a rythym move. Ask Jason Cole how its done, only person I’ve seen that can do it right. :wgrin: