Hella casuals from thursday night

so some of us got together at king lowtier’s house thursday night and we recorded about and hour and a half of casuals so we capped it for the hell of it


before i get all the hate this is fuckin casuals so treat it like that and tell us how you like the random commentary of us talkin in the background lol

btw these are big vids the first 2 are about 300mb the second is 250 or so sorry for those that with small hd’s

one mooooooore thing the sound is SLIGHTLY out of sync not enough that is matters for some reason the program i’m using to compress makes it do that i don’t know why i’m still working on it

anyone watch this yet? I’m downloading now…

Yeah I watched the first vid, pretty decent, its a good watch. Some of the things they say are pretty funny too.

wow when i didn’t get any replies i assumed no one got em

nice vids.

needs more yellow makoto lol


the yellow makoto(klt[eventho I use the same color but mine is horrible lol]) will be playing a series of first to ten weekly first to win 2 sets. This will start this wednesday and released thur/fri and then every other week will be released on fridays

also comin soon keepin in the tradition of everyone and they moms doin em colorado ranbats be on the look out its on and poppin like bacon grease

damn!! I can’t DL it!! firewall!!! I wanna see it!!

is anyone getting/ gonna get these vids still or can i delete em off the host i havn’t gotten many replies in here so i assume its safe to delete

Page didn’t work for me True_Tech… damn.

But one thing I was going to suggest anyway was splitting up the big vids into more, smaller vids. That way, people can download one, see if they like it and then decide if they want to download more.

Pretty good vids True_Tech. I enjoyed the matches and d/led all the vids, too. You guys aren’t too shabby.

Could you reduce the resolution a bit to get smaller files, too?

Yeah, it’s down. >:(

hmm the site has been shut down for some reason next time i’ll be using medium or high quality wmv so the files will be smaller

i shut down the web site till next month cuz my bandwidth is reaching its limit =[. i dont want to pay for over use. unless you want to donate =]

i’ve been using the hell out of it i don’t mind donating like 10 bucks i would give more but i’m still jobless

well if you want to donate heres the link but you dont have to.


oh and True_Tech do you want a different ftp name and sub-directory

a sub directory with my name would be dope i always mispelled spr0cter lol hit me with new ftp info whenever

ok pm with the username and password you want to use

files are too large… it’s pretty coo… you guys aint bad @ 3s at all! but then i dont feel any excitment out of the matches… i liked the Alex tho… he was mad beast!!