Hellfire maelstorm vs SoV Super

This thread should teach you the uses of each super and when to use them

Hellfire maelstorm
[]More damage then other super
]Puts the opponent full screen away on hit and block
[]more reliable to DHC into
]XFC at any time
[*]Easy to follow up away XFC

Spirit of Vengence
]Goes through projectiles
[]follow ups can lead to hard knock downs, so you can DHC into other OTG supers
]can be made safer
[]**Combo after full screen hard knock down **
]Can put distance between your opponent and you.
*** Comparison ***
In most situations, you’ll want to aim to be using the Hellfire super because of the damage and the full screen finish. But in cases where your opponent is in the corner and you don’t have enough meter to kill, the SoV can keep your opponent in the corner and you further from him than the maelstorm super.

In terms of DHC, if you want to get Ghost rider out (or need some space) use the maelstorm super. In most cases the character coming in should be safe, and if you get the assist, you should be able to get pretty great damage on them since the point character is blocking. If you want damage, spirit of vengeance should be your choice. Your character is being kept closer to the opponent which should allow for more supers to hit in that situation.As apposed to the maelstorm super which puts your opponent full screen which causes less supers to hit.

When going into a super from another character’s super, maelstorm should be the super of choice unless they are grounded somewhere close enough to ghost rider so the motor cycle could reach them.

If you’re DHC’ing to ghost rider to punish something, you choose the maelstorm super if projectile aren’t involved. Spirit of vengeance can go through projectiles so use that to punish projectiles. (side note, it says projectile nullify on the SRK wiki, so it might just make beams have no effect anymore and I have tested this too much.)

The Spirit of Vengeance does more hits, this may be important to know if you have Frank West on your team.

Another note you can’t XFC spirit of Vengeance when ever you want.

Another side note if you want to DHC into maelstorm super a frame after some QCF supers, a glitch in the game causes you to DHC into spirit of vengeance.

Spirit of vengeance gives more points on the pyromaniac and cool meters.

I hope this was helpful.