Hello All, I am new SSF4 and my character is zangief



Hello all …

I regret not start playing this game before, never played SF and therefore makes me so uncomfortable getting used to block and that je …

I’ve begun to see many fights of all players using zangief very well, Cantona, vangief, etc etc. …

If someone could help me with some tutorial or something on how to learn to move in the game, the minimum I would appreciate help, I am new to this communities, Greetings to all …


hello m8
at this stage imo all you need to do is play the game a lot to be familiar with Gief and his move set
abt tutorials try this playlist :


Thanks friend, I am adapting to his every move, what you say is true you have to play much the game first to adapt because there are some very advanced but everything is a process, Greetings friend …


I would also strongly suggest keeping in mind that using SPDs and lariat often in defencive situation’s wont work to well on high levels. Think about it, if you wanna advance fast. Id suggest learning to: AA and tech firstly.


Make sure you practice churning that butter.

Try to get standing 720’s too. That shit is godlike.


Alright. I play a very basic Giefster, but here is a list of what any Gief player should know/be able to execute:

Know your Lariat distances when dodging fireballs (punches when around halfscreen, kicks when full screen or further)
Know the ranges and properties of your SPD’s (e.g. oki, invincibility or meter build (Suplex does less damage more meter, Piledriver does more damage, less meter))
Know how to option select cr.LP/LK and st.LP/LK into ex GH
Know how to anti-air with Lariat (wait for your opponent to come down and do a late punch Lariat while crouching)
Know how to anti-air with crouching strong (for anti-Lariat shenanigans)
Know his BNB’s (…, cr.LP, st.LK xx ex GH)
Know how to keep your opponent grounded (cr.LK on wakeup, far.HK, walk forward ex GH, and more)
Know how to safejump DP’s (record yourself jumping on your opponents wake up and try to DP Gief out of it)
Know the difference between strong and fierce headbutt (respectively quicker start up + shorter active frames and slower start up + longer active frames)
Know the advantages and disadvantages of both j.d+LK and splash
Know the extent of Gief’s footsies

If I missed anything or said something that isn’t true I’m sure somebody will correct me.


Pretty simple. Play good players if you can and you’ll gradually get better and better while getting rid of bad habits that a lot of Gief players have. Almost all Giefs I see online are absolutely horrendous and rely purely on gimmicky bullshit. Also realize that Gief isn’t a great character and you’re gonna run into many bad matchups that can get extremely stressful. Good luck and have fun playing.


Thought I should add something here:

A lot of what’s mentioned above, is more for intermediate or advanced players.

For now, as a beginner, focus on the basics. Being able to perform all of Zangief’s moves in training mode. Then try to do the trials in Challenge Mode on the home consoles: PS3 or XBOX. A few of the initial and easier trials.

Practice beating the computer first. And then **when you play human opponents, learn from your mistakes. **I would recommend to play people of similar skill level as yourself then work up to more better players.

When you lose, ask yourself what you could have done instead. Come back to the forum to find the answers.

When you progress beyond the basics, then we’ll talk more. Good Luck.