Hello, and an inquiry into a JJBA forum


Hi all,

I’m back on SRK after a while. There used to be a Jojo’s thread/forum. I can’t find one now. I am probably being stupid.

The reason I’m interested is because, I read an article on Wiki and what they said about how Dio played was absolute nonsense.

So, in a fit of nerd rage, I tried to rewrite it. The thing is, it’s turned into a tactical and analysis of his game play. I’d like to share what I’ve written and see if people can learn from me, and more importantly, what I can learn too.

I’m doing Dio and perhaps the other characters I use. I don’t play Jojo’s combo machine style. I hate that auto combo stuff, to be honest, I think it really kills the creativity of the game. So, this might be a fresh new perspective.




Jojo’s thread here: