Hello and greetings!


Let me first say that this message is not spammed and will not be spammed if this thread so happens to be deleted by a mod.

Hello, I’m a member of the staff over at UFragtv.com and something is happening that I am pretty sure most of the SRK community would enjoy being a part of, or at least watching. I’m including a link to a post made in our forums, I hope that this thread isn’t instantly modfiltered because of it, I know how much of a pain spam thread can be being a mod over at UFrag, so I can’t stress enough how this won’t be spammed. Merely making everyone here aware of an interesting upcoming fighting game tournament and it’s coverage.


Thanks for your time.


Looks nice. I’ll definately watch this tourney, if I’m not busy when it’s going on.


:smiley: Sweet, we hope to see you there.

More information, it will be covering SF4, Third Strike, 2 Turbo HD(R?), MvC2, BlazBlue and maybe KoF12.


were the denjin sbo qual vids ever done?


The link is broken sven!


D: no wai, hold on.


You might be requested to register, but that’s a free process, takes like a half a minute and is no commitment.

Edit: The website was down for about 20 minutes at 4:00am EST, this might be why the link was temporarily broken. Server hiccup, things are now up and running and the link is -not- broken. <3 Promise.


I can ask about this for you and will update this thread with the response I get. Will get you a response asap.


Sounds dope. I imagine it’s an all day event ala Devastation?


It’s going to be really exciting, and should be covered the whole weekend. :slight_smile: Hope to see you guys there.

Where’ve you been, KOH? Haven’t seen you do any blazblue in a minute. :frowning:


You know, this is a damn good question. Where have you been? D: I noticed a severe lack of swagger on UFrag lately. Come back :smiley:


Dios moved this here because we keep FG stuff out of GD, and since both are here and the other is better this one is closed.