Hello, anyone out there?OMG WTF a Conroe,TX thread

Hi, is there any one in conroe that plays fighter?I realize it’s a small city ,but I’m trying to start a scene here even if it’s a small one,because at the moment I only have two people that give me some decent comp.If there is a place for comp in conroe,which I doubt, I’d be glad if you pointed me to it.

I’m not saying that I’m great my self but I get tired of playing the same two people and I’d like to see if there’s any hope of increasing the size of my city’s scene , which
only seems to be me and my two friends.I also realize that if I want comp I could go to Stargate in Houston,TX but that is such a long drive ,although I have done it before more than a couple of times.

The games we usually play are Street Fighter 3 Thirdstrike, CVS2,Tekken 5 and are willing to play just about any fighter all in the hopes of increasing or creating our non existent scene.

So, if someone is out there please post here.

Conroe is what 45N? There used to be a couple players from the Woodlands. I think now its pretty much just Carnevil that lives there, unless he knows of some other players around there. Other than that I know Andjita goes to school at A&M, there were a few players around there as well. It’s pretty dry up north.

Yeah,Conroe is 45N.From what i’ve noticed the only arcade we have is Wilson’s Fun City.And it is beyond dry out here lol,and the Woodlands is pretty close to me.

Yeah I went to that Arcade when I lived up in Conroe for 4 months, old school arcade. Someone needs to tell the manager of that arcade to have more up-to-date games. Probably not even worth it considering the competitive people are mainly at Stargate, Galleria, or at U of H. I heard that they’re supposed to open a Cyberzone in The Woodlands Mall, can anyone confirm this?

A Cyberzone in The Woodlands Mall would be awesome.The mall used to have a Tilt arcade as well,but it was closed long ago.The las game I remember playing at Tilt in The Woodlands mall was Tekken Tag and actually had some decent comp.

Hey, I’m a Conroe player! But, at the moment I just play this scrub who chooses Ryu. AHAHAHA

By that I guess you mean me, lol. About time you posted here.Hey, did you ever get Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution.If you still haven’t bought it I’ve got another coupon you could use to save $5,it expires at the end of this month so if you want it I’ll give it to you.That way you only have to pay $5 for it.I don’t have to work this wednesday,so if you want to come over to play some Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution I’ll be here.

Hey I don’t live too far from conroe, I live right off 45N and 1960. I feel your pain about the no comp thing I live in houston but I don’t know it well. Ranma can you tell me how to get to stargate from 45N please? I’ve been told before and you told me at Akon that one time and I forgot. Bare knuckle set up a time and date and we can play some games sometimes.

I can’t really set up a get together at my place since it’s so crowded I can barely hold a crowd of three and I’m at home with the folks so that’s out of the question.Are you able to hold a gathering at your place?If so, me and some friends would like play some games with you.Or we could try to gather at one of my friends place.I’ll ask him and see if he’s cool with it.

Yea, that’d be pretty cool if we got more comp. here in conroe. Oh, Sorry about not going today I just read this post right now. I don’t usually check this forum but I’ll try to do that more often now. What day are you off next? So I can go and buy Virtua Fighter. Also, I got my other stick and switched out the cabinet :slight_smile:
So now it looks like that special edition.
And I’m getting my dad to paint the other one black! Looks sooo good.

Awesome,can’t wait to see your mod on the stick.I’ll have to check my work schedule this friday and then let you know.I’ll PM you when I’m available.

I live like 7 minutes from the Woodlands Mall. I didn’t know that they used to have an arcade there. I wish they did. The only arcade thats close to me is Main Event and the only thing I play there is FZero.

Hey, also check if your going to work a morning or something on the weekend. That way we’ll both be off.

mcginnis_x check your PM’s

I don’t know if any of you all are Tekken heads or not but if you are, you guys need to make a trip down to the Galleria since it has a Dark Resurrection machine (since we’re one of the few cities in the country to have one) and bring either your sticks (as long as it’s PS2 only, no universal sticks allowed) or controllers since the sticks on the machine are kinda jacked up right now.

That sux. I don’t want to bring my stick up there. O well, I want to play it anyways so I will. Do they have cards or can you use your T5/5.1 cards?

You have to use the DR cards but Galleria doesn’t have any yet. You will lose your T5/5.1 data if you put it in that machine.