Hello Everybody!

Hi folks

Just wanted to introduce my self.

I been playing street fighter since sf2 for snes that was the first time I played it.

My first character I ever used was Ryu although I loved using Sagat and Zang ( I couldn’t pull off his special until I got to play on a arcade machine ) Fei Long is also a favorite from the videos of sf4 hes finally a speed hit and run type of character which I feel his more to his style more mine ^_^.

I been keeping an eye for sf4 for a long time and a forum suggested I try this website if I plan on wanting to get better in street fighter.

I have almost all the street fighter games a but on ps2 :stuck_out_tongue: not in the cart form.

Any tips on which specific games I should practice on to be ready for sf4? sf3 3rd strike? cap vs snk 2?

in order to practice for sf4 you have to play killer instinct.

ssf2t and 3s via ggpo
or hdr if u have 360/ps3

get used to how online play handles

and welcome :slight_smile:

try to keep specific game questions under the appropriate game subsection
i.e. all 3s talk under the 3s boards

Super Turbo would be a good game to get the basics down.

There’s a wiki at the front page with useful info for that game, and you can check the strategy forums to ask specific questions.

Thank You. Wasn’t sure where to post but since it was an introduction and fighting game specific Felt this board was right choice.

The console version comes out in what, 3 weeks? I don’t think there’s a lot of benefit you can gain from playing other games in that short of a time span. Just watch gamechariot videos, and read strategies.

Also, as someone whos been playing SF4 since the first machine hit NA, cvs2 is much better than ST, 3s, or any other SF game for preparing for SF4.

Whuuuut?! Wow man, I never would’ve guessed that one and I’m positive that’s the first I’ve ever heard anyone say that.

Could you go into details about why you feel that way? Is it the feel of the game engine? Timing for inputs and execution stuff? Properties of moves? The tone of mindgames, or the flow of matchups?

You kidding me? Try Marvel vs. Capcom 2!

Learning how to play Shaq Fu will definitely bring your game to the next level.

I heard sf4 copied the combo system from Time killers

Edit: Oh yea welcome to SRK

Wow, another intro thread in less than a day. Welcome to SRK!

This. I haven’t played SF4 yet so I can’t really say what could prepare you for it, but ST is good for getting the basics down for almost any fighting game.

Try playing Real Bout 2.

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Oh, and welcome.

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Be sure to check out www.evo2k.com

Dang, there’s only gonna be more and more of these types of threads once SF4 gets released.
Maybe SRK should have some a forum or thread specifically for new comers to introduce themselves.

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