hello fighters

hello im new to the site i join so i can get info on how to do combo’s and meet new ppl and hopefully learn to become a great player in fighting games and some news on local Tournament or the closes one their is the fighting games i have right now are DOA4, Marvel vs Capcom 2 , Super Street Fighter II HD Remix street fighter 4 and soul calibur 4
i hope to learn alot here :rolleyes:

You have no idea what you have just done.

Another introduction thread.

Welcome to Srk starbolt66

First thing to to do is to read what this website has in store for you, you’ll find all of your answers there. There are many many people who get shit for posting useless threads, please consider that the next time you’re making a new one.

why are introduction thread not allowed or something?

This is srk… and in the FD you will get shit for posting an introduction here.

well sorry if i dont post it here then where do i or do i at all?

You really don’t at all…

But what you should do is go to the match making thread. You can meet people there in your area. That’s the appropriate thread for introducing yourself, if that.

ok tyvm

ur welcom!

a good place to make an introduction POST(not thread) would be in your local town thread in the match making section. in FD, no one cares if your new.

We da best.

Now you da best.

Welcome to SRK.

Hi. You play Marvel? Please read this. (regarding my friends mvc2 combo dvd)


Learn how to type before you make another post, you sound like an idiot.