Hello from a total noob and some advice

Hello everyone,

I am 40 years old and now find myself embarking on my first joystick build along with my 12 year old son, thanks to SF4!

I have made the box and ordered the buttons and stick. I have now managed to get a PS1 early A model SCPH1200. I intend to plug it into my PS3 by way of adaptor.

I have some questions:

Can I ignore the analogue button and remove the analogue sticks without detriment? I have read slagcoin’s guide and it would seem not, but I have seen images of much smaller PCBs. (perhaps other models?)

The peachy coloured dots on the PCB that are shown on images to solder too, do they need prep/scratching or can we solder straight to these.

Kind regards,

Props to you. I hope that I’m as cool with my son.

Leave the analog sticks intact unless you want to make this harder on yourself then it needs to be. There are smaller PCBs without them but their compatibility isn’t as good. Stick with what you have there if you intend on using this on the PS3.

I prefer to skip those and scrape the pad instead. Those little copper pads lift easily if you aren’t careful and can render the button useless.


Thanks Kyle,
we have had a go at soldering, now I assume we connect a button wire with a ground and something should happen?

Yeah, definitely, it should activate the button on the controller.

We-hey! Thanks Kyle, it’s all working on my PS3 menu, not on my PS2 analogue games? Apart from the odd wire coming adrift whic I will resolve with glue, it all seems remarkably okay!!!

Awesome. I hope my kid is a boy. He’s going to be subjected to arcade sticks and a ton of old school games. When my Nieces come over they love playing Pac-man on my stick.

I don’t own a PS3, but I believe that may be dependent on your adapter. Hopefully someone else can chime in on that.

Can you be my dad?

That is good parenting! :smiley:

I never had a dad, and look how I turned out!


Here you go:



I have a beautiful daughter, and she already has a habbit of stealing my Xbox and Wii controls. I’ve bought her her very own DS and it still hasnt solved the problems, so looks like I have a little gamer to guide in the future :smile:

Thanks for the nice words everybody. Kyle, I had to look up what “Props” meant.
Well very soon I hope to have a “sick” and “dope” stick. (Get me!)