Hello from Electric-Trouble Arcade Controls!


Greetings SRK!!

For those interested in custom arcade sticks, I would like to invite you to visit Electric-Trouble Arcade Controls. ETAC is all about bringing the arcade experience home. I am a long time street fighter gamer that has been modding and building sticks for a few years. I decided now was a great time to make my operations professional. On the site, you can build your stick part by part, specify your stick angle and artwork, as well as color and trim.

My focus is simple design, competitive price, and high quality.

SRK is one of the key spots where serious fighting game fans gather; your questions, suggestions and comments will help me develop an awesome product.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you guys and gals!

BJ Wooden
Owner, Electric-Trouble Arcade Controls


The site looks good, do you make sticks with 8 button layouts like the modded 15th aniversary stick, or just 6 button layouts?


hit me up with a quote, homeslice.


Do you ship to canada?


8 button layouts are no problem, I can arrange the buttons any way you like. Just make sure to mention the specifics when you request an estimate!

No problem! Submit the form on the estimate page and I will get back to you in a day or so! In general, my sticks start at $130.00 and go up from there.

Yes, I ship to the continental US and to Canada.


Great Job with the cases I like how you’re able to incorporate either Japanese or American parts in your sticks.

A suggestion would be if you’re going to use Japanese parts a smaller box would suit it better than a huge box. If you could slim down the box that would be awesome.

Good luck with your venture :tup:


Lol, just built my own stick on there site with all the extras, and it came out to $4.00

They might want to fix that.

I love how they have so many choices of systems to choose compatibility with.

I think I would get 360 and Gamecube (or PS2 and use adapters for PS3 and GC).

Can you have 3 consoles on one stick? I would love to ad Dreamcast to my stick too.

A slim case would be ideal.


Yea, love the customization you got going on there.

You definitely need an option for 8 buttons rather than having to e-mail the request. Just a suggestion ;).


Nice site. But you have to take your first payment and pay for some real hosting and get rid of that banner at the top. Cheapens the look.


What are the dimensions for the flat (0 degree angle) box?


Nice to see a another bay area stick modder, I might go to you if I want a custom stick done


The dimensions for the flat box are 2.5" high, 14" long, 11" wide.

Point taken. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan. There have been more than a few people asking about it. I will be adding that soon. Thanks for the input!

My apologies for the purchase system, I am still working with paypal to find an efficient way to add multiple items to the shopping cart at once.
At this time, the maximum number of consoles per stick is 2; however, this might change in the future.

Thanks for input and comments guys! My overall goal is to make the most flexible and customizable stick building service around.



Hey guys, just dropping some feedback for my man BJ here. I’m a proud owner of an ETAC arcade stick (if you check the gallery, it’s the white/black Capcom girls stick), and I couldn’t be any happier with it.

Tech specs on it are as follows:

  • Wired for Xbox 360 only
  • Sanwa JLF joystick
  • 3 Seimitsu clear plungers
  • 3 Seimitsu blues

ETAC most definitely has quality product, and BJ certainly did not disappoint on my order. My joystick is exactly the way I wanted it, with some special modifications (smaller, slimmer size, and a slot for my headphone jack). In retrospect, I should’ve gotten it wired for the PS3 as well, although I don’t own a PS3. Even if I wanted it wired for a PS3 (which is still very possible, and easy to do through ETAC), the extra charge for it is still very reasonable, and is STILL cheaper than purchasing two joysticks for two separate systems.

I got my stick for $125, and correct me if I’m wrong, BJ, but to get it wired for the PS3, it wouldn’t even have cost me more than $140 altogether to make it happen. For a priceline comparison, the MadCatz TE stick is already more than that price, is limited to one system, and warranty is void as soon as you pop the case open. ETAC sticks have a 6 month warranty!

ETAC joysticks are mod-friendly, and very easy to do so with the flip-top/magnet-hinge design.

All in all, excellent pieces of hardware (as I’ve played on several ETAC sticks including my own, of course), and I for one highly suggest ordering one soon as BJ’s queue is gradually building up!


Good site and best of luck with your business. Just make sure that you don’t take on too many orders at once. A lot of good, honest stick builders have become overwhelmed in the past so keep that in mind.


Hm. They look damn good. Especially for the price. I wish you would have been up and running at the beginning of january, I would have considered it. Especially since you are just down in san jo.

I already ordered one from Ed.

Actually since the one I’m getting from Ed only has six buttons, I may think about one in the future. Depends on how much I feel I need the extra buttons.


I am strongly considering placing an order. However, I have a quick question that anyone can chime in with a response to…

…is a flat top superior to a sloping top (e.g. 10 degrees) for lap play?


Wondering the same thing myself, I’d think a 15 degree angle would be ideal, but it’s one of those things I wish I had it in front of me before I bought it, you know.


Just submitted for a qoute on your site…might have to pick one of these up in conjunction with the one i’m building.


Good to hear. I sent you a friend request on PSN. So nice to know that you love what you do and still play. I’d love to challenge your Chun Li in SF4 sometime BJ! :smile:


The cases definitely interest me. Would you consider just selling a finished case with or without artwork?

Additionally, would it be possible to request that the holes for the stick and buttons be put closer to the top so that we could have adequate space to rest our wrists?

Thanks much.