Hello, from imakedemsticks

check out my site guys, I’m making sticks, reasonable prices. I have some pics on the site and welcome everybody’s input. thanks


also, please join as a member.

oh, your site was posted here a few days ago. Nice arcade sticks dude.

Also, are you able to sell cases?

Two questions,

Do you ship to UK?

How much would an all sanwa vewlix stick cost inc. shipping?

yes, i can sell just the cases, they’re made a little different depending on what type of stuff you’re planning on putting in them. If you email me i can kinda give you some measurements.

I could ship to the UK, but am not using Sanwa parts at the time. everybody and their grandmother is order them and the places I usually use are either backordered like crazy or are overpricing for the moment. If anyone can recommend a new supplier??? So i guess I’m using Happ, at least for the time being. They have concave, and convex pushbuttons, and also the bat and ball top sticks, and i havent had any problem with their stuff.

All the pics on your website are very small, please post some higher res pictures so people can see the quality of construction.

For Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, I’d have to say check with Akihabarashop.jp, they’ve got a pretty quick turnaround and certainly fair prices.

As for your designs, I’d love to see some higher resolution pictures. The designs look pretty good over all, but little details can make or break a case. I also have to say I could do without a music player on your front page, it feels like it takes some of the professionalism away.

well as far as the resolution, they’re good from the camera, but the site does something when i upload them, so it’s not much I can do on that point

So upload them here. If you are making good stuff it will only help sales.

I can see a full size picture but it is somewhat tedious to have to click on the screenshot twice to get that option. I understand its the website tool you are using to maintain an album.


i think there’s a little animosity there mrmojoz, i just saw another post of yours about my site on a different thread. Look, if you’re not feeling my site then please move on. thanks

just place a direct link to the uploaded file :wink:

I’m trying to give you a chance to show you make quality stuff. I don’t want to badmouth your product but people need to see what they are buying up front. The worst case scenario for you is to have an un-happy owner bitching on a forum. You can prevent this by posting some better photos, so lets see them.

Not many people show animosity here so do not take it the wrong way. It is just constructive criticism so that you can make your site even better. It is for your benefit in the long run, trust me, I seen it happen with Arcade in a Box.

In the last post, the OP shows that he is not used to these forums so I can understand. When you create a post, there is this insert image icon (mountain with a sun), I think you should be using that to get bigger images so we can critique it.

Dude, he’s just trying to help. The pics ARE kind of small. Post some larger pics and be proud of your work. Make them nice and high rez if possible. Look at Byrdo’s site as an example of what makes his art so famous, and his pictures so expressive due to their quality.

Your site looks good, so hopefully I’m posting in a legendary thread. However if you’re successful, know this site will be a source of many sales for you in the future. Don’t be so standoffish to good advice. If you read the other stick makers threads (Which are now in their hundreds) you’ll see plenty of people giving them the 0.02 cents they needed to get where they are at.

Good luck.

(Your prices are ridiculously reasonable too. Don’t know how long that will last guys. If anyone buys one, let us know how the quality is.)

Big Pockets is probably rolling around in his grave right now :rofl:

ok, thats the best resolution i can get with my camera
i just had twins , so a new cam is not really on my quick purchase list. if anyone wants to make a donation to the cam fund, thanks…

What would be better is to host these images on ImageShack

And then create a new post, click on the icon with the mountain and sun on it, and post the Imageshack link on it.

The webs.com is the thing that shrinks it down right now.

If any of your friends have a D-SLR or something of quality definitely scoop their cam up. It’s probably the only way you’re going to prove your products are legit.

I like artwork and buttons of that last stick you posted.