Hello guys, I tried the forbiden and it didnt work because I dont read japanase

a while ago, I bought a ps2 japanese,hoping to access asia network( I live in the USA) so that I will fight japanase and asian player. However, to set up my network, I have to do it in japanese, and the only word I know from japan is sayanora:confused:
so did anybody tried what I did and he found a solution? ( of course I know that some of you will tell me to learn japanese)

wait, fasic from cameroon? i can never catch you on xbox live anymore. did you quit?

yes fasic from cameroon

my account fasic had been frozen by Microsoft because i haven’t paid them their money for xbox live, i av to sign up again for it. I will let you let you know when do it.
anyway do you av an advice for me for my Japanese ps2?

ive no clue on that. although xbox 360 allows you to get japan-only downloads if you have a japanese hotmail account, you can just change the signup page to english.

no I am not doing it with a 360, bought a ps2 online in play-asia.com, the ps2 is a Japanese one, I bought it because I wanted to connect to asia network, but the problem is that the network set up is all in japanese:wasted: