Hello, help naming a game

new to the forums, nice to be here.

I am wondering if you can help me name a game I used to have.
It was a 2d fighter i forget which system but probably ps2 or dreamcast (maybe ps1 or saturn)

It was anime style and some of the playable characters were dinosaurs. I think the games characters were from several different fighters, so a compilation game.

Does anyone know which fighter has dinosaurs in it? I own the game but maybe i lost it because I have been going through all my fighters that I dont play much and cant find it! If i did lose it I need ot get this game again because I really want to play it.




^^yup, Capcom Fighting Jam or Capcom Fighting Evolution

Yes! capcom fighting recolution is it, I somehow managed to lose that game and just remember seeing the case a few months ago :frowning: I hope the cleaning lady didnt steal it to give to her kids.

If they did, you’d best call child protective services. A woman reckless enough to give her kids CFJ cannot be competent enough to raise children.

CFJ was fun though :bluu: Ingrid was an awesome character.



What happened with this, anyway? One minute, Capcom’s planning a pretty sweet looking 3D fighter with characters spanning the company’s history, and the next, they give us some crap that a nitwit apparently designed in MUGEN. All that was missing was a badly animated Fat Albert with purple skin.

M.U.G.E.N., lol. The 3rd Strike characters being able to parry and the Alpha characters being able to activate V-Ism; that’s just preposterous. That game is so unbalanced. If only the dinosaur from Red Earth, Hauzer, wasn’t so completely useless…

So, Capcom must’ve just put characters from the games where they appear and put it in without any changes?

Yeah, exactly. M.U.G.E.N. When I first purchased the game, my friends and I were having fun with it. We realized that the Darkstalkers characters had their ES Specials (similar to EX Special Moves in 3rd Strike and SF IV), the Alpha characters had their V-Ism meters and the 3rd Strike characters had EX Special Moves.

So one of my friends asked, “Hey if the 3rd Strike characters have EX Special Moves, what if they could parry too?” I was like, “Parry?! I don’t know. That’d be crazy. I’ll try it though”. So I let my friend shoot a projectile at me, I pressed forward, next thing you know, everyone in the room was screaming “OH!!!” I was like, “WHAT THE F?!” Parry, yo. Game is nuts.

Damn, I thought he was talking about Primal Rage. xD

Not much help but this is the first thing that came to mind when I read the thread.


I guess you haven’t played Saturday Morning Mayhem…