Hello! I could use some tips for linking in this game

I’ve been practicing links right off the bat because I completely sucked at them in SFIV. Does anybody have any tips or resources they can share with me?

I tried some double-tapping earlier and it improved my efficiency a bit, but it’s still a bit off. Not sure if I’m understanding the concept properly.

Does plinking work in this game? I’ve read about it, but never really understood exactly how it works. I DO play with an arcade stick, to clarify.

So far i’ve been plinking and it works really well. However i played Cammy/Makoto/Seth in SFIV so i’m really used to1~2f links, so it may just be me. Just practice… man the game just came out lol everyone is missing link because the timing is different from SFIV.

Execution tips can be found in the execution sticky in the newbie dojo.