Hello, I'm a newbie, don't hurt me.


Hi, I recently got into CVS2…I’ve played Street Fighter for quite some time, but only got into CVS2 a couple…days…ago.

I was just looking or some tips…I currently use C-Groove Rugal, Akuma, and Shin Akuma.

I’m looking for someone to replace Shin Akuma though…Any tips?


hey welcome to srk shinichi! i’m workin on your avy!


Just keep playing.


-sticky threads
-character threads

That’s all you need to know.


Shin Akuma? Just know this, K-Groove is your worst enemy.


whoohoo heres your avy jim n.n


If you have any ideas or need help on a team just go to team formation sticky, we’ll help you out.


Sorry for thread jacking, I’m also a newbie and was juss wondering if anyone would help out with a C-Groove Sagat, Blanka, Ken avatar plz?


welcome, please refer all team-related questions to the sticky thread