Hello. I'm new and have several unrelated questions

Hey, guys.

I’ve been reading SRK for quite a while now and I’m completely amazed by the level of knowledge here. I learn something new everytime I come on, although I never really saw a reason to join, since the forum is open to guests (which is nice).

However, I have a few completely unrelated questions (in the sense that they’re unrelated to each other) that I’ve been wanting to ask, so I thought I’d register and ask 'em.

So, here we go:

  1. Since I live in the UK, the “arcade scene” has never really been what it is over in America and Japan, even when I was a kid, so there’s alays one thing that’s puzzled me: I’ve heard people say on many occassions that a good player can last the whole day in an arcade with one quarter (or equivalent). Is this true? If so, how? Surely you have to pay everytime you play, regardless of whether you won or lost. If not, any idea why people would say this?

  2. I’m thinking about looking into buying a stick. I borrowed my friend’s SE stick and although I could use it, I preferred my fight pad for comfort. However, recently I’ve been looking more in-depth into the characters I play, and I think having the more accessible button layout could really help me out.

Anyway, I was thinking about spending a little more and getting the higher-quality TE stick rather than the SE stick. I’ve read that both the SE stick and the TE stick have a square gate, but when I borrowed my friend’s SE stick, it didn’t feel like a square gate. I mean, I could still feel the contours of an octagonal gate when I moved the stick in a full circle. Why is that? Also, since I’ve never really played in arcades, would a square gate really hinder a pad player at all?

Additionally, ould it be worth waiting until the new batch of SSFIV sticks come out?

  1. Does everyone use the DF-DF shortcuts for dragon punches now? Is it s a good idea to do so? I know that by doing it is gives you a crouching hit box, and it’s easier to execute, but does anyone actually execute a shoryuken the original way? Obviously some people will, but in general?

  2. I’ve recently picked up El Fuerte and I’m thinking about putting a lot more time into him and “maining” him. I seem to lose most fights, even though I wouldn;t consider myself a complete noob with him. I really enjoy playing Fuerte and wondered if you had any tips you could give me? (I would’ve asked in the Elf forum, but since it’s my first post, I felt a little intimidated. :p)

Other than Fuerte I play, very predicatbly, Ryu, as I have done with SF games since I was a kid. Ive recently become bored with him, though, and wanted something fresh; there’s only so many Ryu mirrors you can endure before you want to turn the game off…

I’ll leave the questions there, since I don’t want this to be a mass wall-of-text that no one is going to read.

To anyone that reads this: Thanks for your time.

  1. In the arcade, your credit lasts until you either finish arcade mode or lose a match. So if there are lots of challengers, one credit can last you the whole day if you keep winning and the challengers keep coming.
  2. Square gates are the standard for SF4 cabs, although some arcades have circular or octogates. Most people will recommend that you get accustomed to using arcade sticks however.
  3. The advantage of the df, d, df DP input is that you don’t have to leave the crouching position when you do the input motion. It would probably be a better idea to make use of the input leniency in SF4, but note that it could ruin your execution for other games.
  4. You can ask questions here in the newbie section if you feel intimidated. If you want to ask something in a character discussion section, just keep the following things in mind so you don’t step on any toes:

-Read (or at least skim) the pinned topics before asking any questions. If it’s a really basic question, it’s probably been asked already, and you’ll find the answer on the first few pages of one of the pinned threads. Also note that the pinned threads in the individual character sections contain a whole lot of useful information that can help you get started with that character, so there’s really no excuse not to read them.
-Don’t start a new topic in the character sections just to ask your question. It clutters up the place and can get you flamed and/or infracted. Look for a pinned FAQ thread, or try to post in the most appropriate thread.
-Follow basic forum etiquette and you should do fine.

Welcome to SRK. Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

i have no idea why you felt an octagonal gate in an SE stick unless it was modded. double check and count the corners. I don’t know what a octagonal gate feels like but a SE stick has a square gate with rounded corners. A pad player has to make a major adjustment when switching over to a stick. I don’t see that being hindered anymore by a gate choice. I would advise picking a gate style and sticking with it, easier to learn that way. I don’t think its worth waiting for new sticks to come out. Personally I don’t like the Madcatz sticks, they feel cheap to me. Especially the SE sticks. I much prefer the production Hori sticks over the Madcatz sticks. You can cut costs by buying an older PS2 hori stick and getting an adapter if you are playing on PS3, if you are on Xbox I think you have to buy the Hori Xbox sticks.

  1. You don’t have to pay again if you win. So theoretically people can play all day if no one beats them.

  2. Are you absolutely sure your friend has an octagonal gate in his stick? Because otherwise, it’s a square gate, and you obviously don’t mind it.
    Anyway, square gate won’t fuck up a pad player more than any other arcade stick gate, and most arcade sticks use square gate. So they’re fine.

Don’t wait for the new sticks, the old ones went down to $100.

Additionally, ould it be worth waiting until the new batch of SSFIV sticks come out?

  1. Sometimes I use the old motion in combos and stuff. The shortcut is better though, tbh.

  2. I would just read up in the Fuerte threads a lot. You dont have to be intimidated but I wouldn’t really make a new thread being like “HEY FUERTES I SUCK HELP ME”. Just post in one of the main threads and ask questions. People will be cool about it.

Old DP motion is faster for executing DP from standing or walking forward

Welcome to SRK man! Most of the previous guys answered most of your questions but I can give you a little stick advice.

As a person who has played Street Fighter since the early 90s and grew up playing on pad, I can truly say that switching to arcade stick is an adjustment to say the least. However, it is well worth the adjustment. I have both a fight pad and limited edition femme fatale aracde stick (only 1000 made) and though my execution is far better on pad, I honestly can see where most people say its better to play on stick. I main Akuma and Sagat so throwing fireballs is so much easier once you get the hang of it. As far as the dp dp shoryuken shortcut is concerned, its useful when you are crouching or in the middle of a combo where you want to end the combo by using shoryuken and you buffer the command. Other than that I find it a little easier actually to do the normal motion for it. So if you are practicing on an arcade stick and want to get adjusted, hope in training mode aka the lab and just get used to moving around. Walking forward and back, dashing (very important with the focus system), jumping etc. Practice that until you are comfortable but I do it at least 5 minutes a day while training. Then practice special moves. Practice them until you get sick of it and once you get sick of it PRACTICE SOME MORE! It will beef up your execution and timing which are essential for playing street fighter. As far as stick preference, coming from a pad player, I prefer the madcatz sticks and ALWAYS get a TE. They are more sturdy and are made with those awesome sanwa parts. Expensive? Yes but so worth it. And though the Super Street Fighter sticks are cool, just get a regular one. They are cheaper and will get the job done. And as far as your gate is concerned, stick to square. It feels better to me and when you ride the gate moves come out easier. But your friend probably had his modded to be sqaure, which if you like better go for it. It takes time, a long time, just stick with it!

As for El Fuerte, I encourage you to master him. He is a tough match-up for a lot of people because lot of players dont use him which means people dont learn the matchup. Hes one of the weaker characters in the game, however can cause problems because people dont see him often and dont know his weaknesses. That lack of matchup knowledge of other players will help you in tournaments because, though helpful, srk can only provide players with so much info. Always learn a backup character (Ryu is a great choice though Im partial to Sagat) for those times you know its super serious buisness and you will be fine! Read and Practice. Practice makes Practice! Which means yo have to Practice some more! I hope this was helpful and if you have anymore questions message me and I will be happy to help. Good luck on your journey and welcome to the commuinty!

Arcade sticks are where it’s at. This is a little more high level, but if you start to get decent at SF4 you’ll start doing things like plinking, option select, etc that require multiple button presses in a certain order. It can be more difficult to do this on a pad and you’ll get some gnarly crab fingers goin on.

That being said, there are a few fight pad fighters who are legit.

I’m pretty sure my friend didn’t mod his stick, so it must’ve been a square gate and I must’ve just been imagining things.

Anyway, thanks for all the great responses.

Perhaps he bought it used

if the gate feels like a gamecube or wii nunchuk remote, then it’s octagonal. That’s answered now :slight_smile:

I play fuerte more than any other characters now but I don’t know enough or play enough to be good with him. Tips, learn how to rsf… don’t use super, and get into the habit of mixing up your okizeme game. Check out the fuerte thread, Im pulling all this out of there anyway.